sneak peek: annemoon van steen


one of my favorite ways to discover new artists and designers is through going through our sneak peek archives and looking at real homes. i came across freelance illustrator and designer annemoon van steen thanks to a peek into the home of joyce de lange. annemoon works from her home in utrect where she’s lived for three years now. when she first moved in it was hardly inhabitable, so it’s lovely to see the transformation and the way her vintage style has emerged. for more from annemoon you can check out her blog here. {thanks, annemoon!} -anne

[above: Mostly I like to be able to use the vintage things I find, but now and then it’s something useless but just nice to look at, like the old typewriter. (It worked when I got it, but I broke it cleaning).  I made the painting when I was in art school. Now I don’t paint, but use my sewing machine.]

The living room floor still hasn’t been painted, and now I’m waiting for the moment I have enough time and energy to take everything out and start painting. The blue cupboard used to be of my parents and inside is a china collection thanks to my grandmother.

The table I use in the living room was made from a door and the lower part of a table; both parts I found on the street.  The fish in the cupboard was handmade of fabric by Eveline van Dalen.

Still life; the big glass cover I got from Esther Veereschild (she is Mokka). She’s got a nose for beautiful things and her home has also inspired me a lot.

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Workspace. Drawer with left-over-art.

I collect so many small things; I don’t know where s to keep them. I sometimes use the graphic design for my own work…

I once fabricated the legs of this little cupboard with an old chair I found on the street.

I have a small but cozy kitchen. The tiles were the only thing that didn’t need painting. The hanging cupboard was left by the previous owner of another apartment where I used to live. The bottles on top of it are my collection of whiskey bottles from the time I used to work in an Irish pub!

On the wall, beside the bed is a good-luck doll. I make them for several lovely shops (Strand West, The Otherist, and Rosa Blu). So far they have not only brought others good luck, but myself as well!

My latest purchase is the tiny white cupboard. I bought at Spoor 38. A store in an old dairy factory: no treasure hunting there, since everything is beautiful. . . Kitsch can be good now and then…

Place for valuable things like old lettres my grandmother sent to my mother long ago. I also hide my little ‘Wish on a Falling Star’-box in there. I got it from Maartje Kuiper as a gift and will save it for a desperate occasion.

The quite side of my apartment, the other side is very lively…

Paula Jo @Home Decor Accents | Garden Accents

OMG! I love the Cupboard! This is exactly what I have been trying to find for a long time. I don’t agree on the color but that’s just my personal opinion since blue wouldn’t go with the rest of my interior furnishing but the Cupboard itself would fit just perfect.

Emma Treadgold

I love the blue cupboard as well Paula Jo!! The blue tiles in the kitchen and little balcony garden are highlights too. I am working on my own little slice of balcony heaven at the moment too…Thank you!


Wonderful! Everything is a still life here. Love the stack of mini jam jars. I have one. I shall begin collection…must go back to Paris for that..


Magnificent place! You can see she is creative. It inspires me a lot!


Wooooww I really like this style! And the nice, little, lucky dolls that I discovered at her website ( even more!


the print (or watercolor??) of the woman drinking with the wood frame…who is the artist. love it’s subtlety, quiet soft colors…it’s so calming. anyone i could buy from?


It’s a portrait I made myself. I never really thought of selling it, but if you’re interested in buying it you could contact me on my e-mail (see website) and we could discuss it…


I love everything about this charming home. What draws me in the most, however, is the painting you made of the trees in the dining area. I LOVE trees and this one absolutely speaks to me!! Would it be possible to buy it or get a print made of it? What a gift!! You are so talented.


Thanks for your compliments Marianne!
I’m afraid it’s been a long time I made this painting, I don’t make things like that anymore. If you would like a print, maybe you could send me an e-mail.