simply color: kat heyes

Kat Heyes is a brilliant artist and photographer who has serious skills when it comes to designing an interior. The muted tones are simply gorgeous, and create a relaxing ambiance. The sunlight that floods in through the window plays perfectly with the soft textures and unique furnishings. I see myself sinking into bliss with a black tea latte and miles davis on the record player. Click here to see the entire sneak peek. —Lauren

Palette 1:
A) Black Bean (Sherwin-Williams), PMS 440 B) Covington Blue (Benjamin Moore), PMS 5303 C) Goldtone (Benjamin Moore) D) Azalea (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 170 E) Wine (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 188

Palette 2:
A) A) Harrisburg Green (Benjamin Moore), PMS 5575 B) Night Shade (Behr), PMS 5395 C) Tangelo (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 715 D) Donegal Tweed (Behr), PMS 7521 E) Créme (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 7500

emma lamb

very pretty palettes Lauren, lately i’m being drawn to these kind of warm neutrals and i love the pop of orange and coral pink… :)
emma x


look at those wooden floors & open windows! love the colors you’ve pulled from these awesome photos:)


I have an absolute weakness for bay windows! That white nook is great in its simplicity.

lee moody

I love all your great pictures of super ideas that I forget to think about….you make me stop and think…and smile !

Jodi White

Love the use of subtle colors and the way its all come together to give a warm and comfy feeling. Brilliant!