simply color: amy osaba

The warm, earthy colors in the home of Amy Osaba stopped me in my tracks. She has a sophisticated sense of design, with an eclectic feel. The color of the dining room wall is welcoming, and the pops of orange and turquoise keep it hip. This palette attempts to capture the current yet cozy personality of Amy’s home. —Lauren

Palette 1:
A) Cowboy Suede (Valspar), PMS 483 B) Green Tea (Valspar), PMS 585 C) Homestead Resort Tea Room Yellow (Valspar), PMS 7401 D) Citrus Orange (Benjamin Moore), PMS 1505 E) Mermaid Treasure (Behr), PMS 3135

emma lamb

perfect eye candy to day Lauren… i love those cogs as wall art and i especially love this palette… some of my favourites to work with… :)
emma x


I just love these posts with the colour wheel at the bottom. I’m so inspired. I just want glass jars and plants EVERYWHERE.


I love this color combination. I’m bookmarking it and will come up with some way to use it in something.


I always go for orange and brown and it always looks retro and disco. But not in this color combination…very interesting.

amy osaba

thank you so much for this sweet post. i just saw it and was sweetly suprized. thank you so much for your inspiring words. your color palette are truly, simply beautiful.