one for sorrow letterpress print

good morning! i thought i’d start today with a modern spin on a classic nursery rhyme. this “one for sorrow” print from new north press and richard ardagh was inspired by a classic story about the superstition surrounding magpies. according to the nursery rhyme, the number of birds means something specific, but i think the same could be true about the print. owning one will make you happy, but owning two or three to share with friends would be even more fantastic. click here to check out the poster in detail and order online. “one for sorrow” is part of a limited edition of 150 (appx 25 x 35 inches), so if you’re interested be sure to order soon. thanks, richard!


Gorgeous! And so weird – this rhyme has been going round in my head this past few weeks.


wow, that is a gorgeous print, but man is it expensive! maybe a letterpress-er can enlighten me as to why this print is soooooo expensive compared to others on the market? is it some extra special process?? or maybe i’m just factoring in too high of an exchange rate…either way it’s LOVELY and if i had the spare change, i’d go for it!

Fiona Richards

And if you grew up in the UK you’ll know this as the lyrics to the opening theme song of kids TV show, ‘Magpie.’
Nice typesetting – worth the $$.


I love this rhyme. It always makes me think of a Terry Pratchett quote:

“There are many rhymes about magpies, but none of them is very reliable because they are not the ones the magpies know themselves.”


My husband wants to know if the rhyme goes up to 20 because we rarely see less than that. Magpie central here, apparently.