paper cutting has definitely has a resurgence in the past few years, thanks to amazing artists like rob ryan. while i love the highly ornate work that’s been making the rounds for the last year or so, i find myself longing for something slightly simpler, with fewer details and stronger shapes. so i was happy to see these sweet paper cut whales and birds from jonathan at mrYen at etsy. jonathan creates hand cut stationery and art that ranges from $10-$45 depending on size and style. i really love the whales above because well, my inner preppy-person will always gravitate towards tiny whales or crocodiles. click here to check out and shop jonathan’s collection online. thanks, jonathan!

Gina A.

UGHHHHH…. I LOOOOVE this. I used to have a calendar of papercuttings that was my favorite!! I wish I remembered who the artist was!


i just purchased a print of the london map from famille summerbelle and i’m so excited to recieve it. i’m just amazed at the beautiful art these talented people make (to have that patience!!!).