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living in: amelie

by amym

Hi loves, today is a very special day for us.  What, please say you didn’t forget…  It’s our one year anniversary of this wonderful, fulfilling, spiritually enriching, soul satisfying (stop me if I get carried away) relationship we have going on here that I like to call living in.  On our first date, we talked about this movie, and since then we’ve had a total of 47 spectacular dates. 47 spectacular dates is hard to top.  No joke, this has been the most consistently loving and stable relationships thus far in my 26 years.  See ex-boyfriends?  I’m not a commitment-phobe after all.

adelphi web house damask in colorway b, filmhound print by Michael Sowa $14,  fowl with pearls print by michael sowa $14, vintage ceramic gnome figurine $3, vintage binoculars, aged english pots $15+, tiffany & co. eiffel tower charm $975, WWII letters, Keller lace-up boots $315, antique brass bed.

Enter Amelie.  You asked for this.  Repeatedly.  Like every day.  And because it’s our anniversary and I’m really, really happy to still be with you, your wish is my command.

Yours forever,

amy m.

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