living in: amelie


Hi loves, today is a very special day for us.  What, please say you didn’t forget…  It’s our one year anniversary of this wonderful, fulfilling, spiritually enriching, soul satisfying (stop me if I get carried away) relationship we have going on here that I like to call living in.  On our first date, we talked about this movie, and since then we’ve had a total of 47 spectacular dates. 47 spectacular dates is hard to top.  No joke, this has been the most consistently loving and stable relationships thus far in my 26 years.  See ex-boyfriends?  I’m not a commitment-phobe after all.

adelphi web house damask in colorway b, filmhound print by Michael Sowa $14,  fowl with pearls print by michael sowa $14, vintage ceramic gnome figurine $3, vintage binoculars, aged english pots $15+, tiffany & co. eiffel tower charm $975, WWII letters, Keller lace-up boots $315, antique brass bed.

Enter Amelie.  You asked for this.  Repeatedly.  Like every day.  And because it’s our anniversary and I’m really, really happy to still be with you, your wish is my command.

Yours forever,

amy m.

black felt hat $40, retro square clock $13, success story dress $70, demitasse spoon $10 for a set of 6, creme brulee set $20, loring bicycle $1395, skipping stones $7, bandit mask $3, photo booth prints $10.


I’ve always wanted those dog and fowl prints and, even though I knew of the artist from other works, I didn’t make the connection. I’m getting them right now!


Congrats, Amy, on an AWESOME first year! And THANK YOU for this particular Living In!!!!!!!


Best movie ever. You did us proud! Happy anniversary. I look forward to your post every tuesday. Thanks for all of the smiles! x


Yay, yay, yay! I looooove Amelie. this is gorgeous. Thank you. I am going to have to watch this again tonight.

Happy Anniversary!


Thank you for doing one of my utmost favorite movies. Spot on as usual!

ginny branch stelling

cute, cute post! happy anniversary to you and your readers. hope you break out the frozen cake and receive a “paper” gift. congrats, or should i say “best wishes” :)


When I saw this title, my heart started pounding. I love this movie and it’s a fabulous tribute!

Thanks for the great year!


{SQUEE!} Thanks for this! Been thinking about it and hoping for it for a while now! LOVE this movie!

Happy “Living In” -aversary!


Hands down best post EVER!!! I am a bit partial but really I love this post. Happy Tuesday! xo


So fun! Thanks for all the posts this last year. Just an idea for an upcoming post: Come September. Who doesn’t love retro Italy? :)


Aaagghhh! LOVE this movie, and LOVE this post. Thank you for adding a little bit of sparkly goodness to my day!
P.S. Joyeux anniversaire!


This just made my day. I needed a boost after a long night with my newborn. Not only do I consider that to be one of my top 3 favorite movies, but our little girl’s name is Amelie.

Great job!


My favorite movie and I actually just bought the Michael Sowa prints for over my bed. :)


I had no idea this was going on here. Happy anniversary! Rewatched Amelie just a couple nights ago and was going to suggest In The Mood For Love — but you’ve done it! And so many of my favorites (Picnic at Hanging Rock too?) Here’s to another year.


Congratulations on the anniversary! Plus, you’re doing the movie I’ve wanted you to do the most. I love those prints (and didn’t even know they were available) and the clock. Great job.


YEAH! I am so happy – this has made my rather unimpressive day today! Thank you!


YAY!!!! This made my day! One of the best films of all time and a great roundup to match! Oh, and Happy Anniversary Miss Amy!


oh my gosh, this is one of the few CD’s I own, and never get tired of watching it……and ditto to the wonderful suggestion for Hideous Kinky!!!

Bon Anniversaire….spelling??


aw i love amelie! i was on an exchange trip in france and my friends swear we passed by the actual little grocery store from the movie


i love it!

also i hope one day there will be a bike round up in the near future. the bike features here is amazing.


I fell in love with Michael Sowa’s works through this movie which is one of my ALL time favorites in every way. I love your write ups and style — happy anniversary! (By the by, I think ‘Cries and Whispers’ or ‘Fanny and Alexander’ or ANY of Ingmar Bergman’s films would be a beautiful addition.)


*Brilliant!!* This is my favorite movie ever and it makes a great inspiration…I am buying the Sowa dog print instantly.


Thank you! I love Amelie more than so much! Happy anniversary.


Happy Anniversary! Love this post, and it’s one of my favorite movies of all time.


Quite possibly my favorite movie EVER. Great post! Happy Anniversary – love the living in series…


Happy Anniversary! I love this series so much, I nominate Black Orpheus for the next Living In, it’s so amazing.

Tanya Edgar

i have been waiting for you to do this movie!! it’s one of my favorites!! thanks for the wonderful ideas!!


*Gasp* I’ve been waiting for this post my whole life!!! Thank you, Amy. (And je t’aime Audrey Tatou!)


Happy Happy Anniversary!!
This is my favourite movie ever, I’m so pleased you’ve posted this, it brings back lots of happy memories. Thank you <3

Anja Rieger

Happy Anniversary!

I love this film too. The whimsical lamp of Amélie, the pig in the bathrobe holding the shade in his hand, I bought years ago as a birthday present. It is available at like the paintings of Michael Sowa as postcards as well.

Anna Paola

Yeah love this film !!!

There is a special atmosphere in it and love the Amelie’House and especially her bedroom between childhood and Glamour feeling..

Good selection DS* and Happy Birthdat :D


Love, love, love this post and this movie! This is an automatic bookmark! So amelicious!


Amelie is my all time favorite movie! Thanks for the links on the two paintings in her bedroom. Have you watched the director’s cut? Very interesting. It makes you really appreciate the color and all the small detail within the movie.


Wonderful! I simply love this movie and all it’s rich color. SO lovely to watch. And the gnome…oh the gnome!


Happy Anniversary – I can’t believe it’s already been a year!!

. . .you’re still the one ;) . . .


there must be much more movie themed accessories publishings!
this one is really so nice by the way :)


My ALL TIME FAVORTIE movie ever!! I can watch this movie for eternity! Love the color direction and cinematography mixed with shy romance. LOVE it. I even named my 4 lb (french) poodle Nino Quincompoix. “nino” for short! ha.

Newly Domesticated

LOVE. I always love the use of green and red in the director’s films. And I always come back week after week for this feature. Congrats on a year of great work, Amy!


Happy anniversary! Wondered when you’d do this one! Glad you saved it for the special occasion. :)


Thanks for a wonderful year of “living in”! Love all the production detailing you tracked down for the posts. I requested this last year, and am still hoping you will do a Living In for the wonderful movie “The English Patient”. Between the wartime outfits and all of the accessories and outfits of the desert around the war, it has such beautiful production value I hope you will consider it for the next year.

miss mouse

Happy Anniversary! And thank you ever so much for doing a Living In for Amelie! I hope you don’t mind that I’ve posted about this on my blog. I just couldn’t resist!


Aww love! Just watched Amelie this weekend, such wonderful film and style ideas. Congrats on the anniversary!


I love the visuals in Amélie so much and the story is wonderful too. It is truly a movie that you can watch an infinite amount of times. I even named my daughter Amélie :)


love!!! thanks to everyone for asking for this! now i would just love to see a living in Science Of Sleep and i will be completely satisfied! Happy Anniversary!


A very happy anniversary! Yeah! This made me smile so hard!


Amelie looks like Liz Lemon with her Dealbreakers haircut.


i have been waiting for this day. ;) when i think about what i want my life to look like, i think Amélie. you could not have picked a better living-in to celebrate our glorious first year together. vive le france!

Lauren at Trim NYC

I’ve always been completely enamored with Amelie’s bedroom wallpaper, not to mention the colors in the film and just the whole thing, really. Time for another viewing!


Finally!!!!!! This was the movie missing for this Section….. Love this movie…. thanks


Oh Amy, you’ve touched a soft spot here. Amelie has been one of my favourite movies for a long time: it came out when I was 11, and I watched it so much that I knew all the lines!

Karen Longo

Amy, I think you and I were separated at birth, because we have the same taste in movies! Who doesn’t cry when Dominique Bretodeau finds the tin box in the phone booth! Who doesn’t want to ride off on the back of Nino’s motorbike? Who doesn’t want to redecorate their house in shades of red?!

Bridget from Refined Vintage

I missed this one over the summer. I have always loved this movie, so glad to see it was featured here. I love the wall paper that was chosen, it looks very vintage Edwardian, perfect for Amelie’s bedroom.