katie turner

i think the foundation of my love for illustration is based around the idea that i love seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. more so than photography or film, i love being able to see an artist’s hand in something and imagine how they must see the people and places in their everyday life. when i sit on the subway and see a cute boy i wish the world around him would come to life the way it does in an illustration by katie turner.

katie turner is a brooklyn-based illustrator who created a fantastic collection of “cute boy” illustrations that were recently turned into a journal for b&n (so you can keep track of your favorites). i love her playful illustration style and the way she isn’t afraid to bring joyful color into each piece. her “boyfriend criteria” series (above and below) is my favorite collection she’s done so far- i love the idea that of all these boys each fit someone’s ideal boyfriend qualities and that katie has spelled out her own list as part of the project.

i’ve been clicking through katie’s site all night so i hope you’ll pop on over this morning and check out her work as well. if you’re looking for a more frequent dose of katie’s illustration in your life (like me) you can click here to check out her blog. thanks, katie!


Whoa — I had this Free People shirt from high school (way back!) with faces on it, much like the cover of the book.

It was something like “Every boy I have ever had a crush on (what I can remember)”

Sound familiar? Same artist?


Love the boyfriend Criteria… I agree with dee clements on the beard

8. Beard: Grow one
9. Job: Find one


Ah, c’est mon boyfriend.

I agree with the beard. But also Job: Have one you love.

Love It....

Such playful, lively art!
Katie is truly a unique talent!!