kamawanu dayori: a postcard book of tenugui designs

speaking of books, has anyone ever seen a copy of this book in person? i stumbled upon kamawanu dayori: a postcard book of tenugui designs while i was looking on amazon for fabric-based books and immediately wanted to buy it. it’s an older book and i can’t find any info on it online- and i’m wondering if it’s postcards made from tenugui designs, or a post-card sized book of pattern images. has anyone seen this in person? i might just splurge on the book and see what shows up at the door…i’m hoping they’re actually postcards. if you pick up a copy, please let me know! :)

*update: they’re postcards! thanks for everyone who translated the japanese amazon page with details!


Hi. I don’t own this book myself, but I checked Amazon.co.jp and it says “postcards made from tenugui designs.”


beautiful book!
the title actually says kamayunu dayori of the twelve months, so maybe they are calendar cards? or just seasonal postcards. the bottom line says something about there being a message space.
i japan-googled the “twelve months” part of the title and it’s also a brand: http://www.jyunikagetsu.com
anyway, good luck!


I actually have this book! I bought it when I visited the Kamawanu store in Tokyo a few years ago–it’s really lovely. Let me know if you’d like to know more about it!


my favorite source for elusive books is abebooks.com, which is a site that lets indie used bookstores post their catalogues. easy to search, and I’ve found many long-lost favorite titles there!