gemini grace: feelin’ fall

now that i’ve gotten the light-hearted girly/colorful roundup out of my system it’s time to indulge in my other half that is dying for something darker and fall-inspired. i am so ready for rich fall colors and deep red and bronze colors so this roundup is chock-full of the things on my wish-list for the coming months. i went ahead and splurged on one of these- i’ll give you two guesses which one it is. yep, it’s dot related. ;)

[image above, clockwise from top left: small oval keychains $10 each (i’ll take #3, please. my favorite number), chalkboard labels $8, mariestad chandelier $299 (it reminds me of a simplified version of the swedish wedding chandeliers i love), antique belgian tureen $135, f. scott fizgerald deco book cover by coralie bickford smith (available in november), rustic rattan modular shelves $16-$44 (these would be so cute for small dry goods in the kitchen), chocolate cosmos (one of my favorite fall-colored flowers), striped knee socks $9 (to wear with tall boots for fall), xtra terrarium by esque $798, dotted and striped “so important dress” $149.99 (i broke down and got it. i love this dress so much!)]


Both round ups were lovely! I’m not a Gemini, but I still have a hard time figuring out which of many styles I like best.

But goodness gracious. I want that dress. Must. Get. Job.


I love that dress-I never noticed it before. I’m so afraid of buying clothes online though! The chocolate cosmos are also delicious :)


I really like the Fitzgerald book cover. But then, I love all Coralie Bickford Smith’s designs–they’re so unique and elegant. Now I just have to somehow clear room on the bookshelf to showcase them. :)