d*s desk (and desktop tech) roundup

today i have another guest post up on the my life scoop blog- and it’s all about desks! we’re still putting together our d*s headquarters (aka, two desks pushed together) at home so i’ve had desk and office decor on my mind for a while. and when i realized i hadn’t done a desk guide in over three years i figured it was time for an update. this new guide has 40 of my favorite desks arranged by theme: wooden, white, small-space, colorful, retro, and the desk that i have in my home office. i’ve also included some of my favorite desktop tech gadgets like clocks, mifi and cord organizers.

CLICK HERE to check out all 40 desks and the rest of my desk tech extravaganza on mylifescoop

*hi guys! the link should be fixed now, sorry!


Your “click here” and “40 fave desks” links are broken.


hi! the desk link isn’t working. looking forward to it : 0


I have the Ikea desk (top left corner)- it’s the perfect size to work from. I thought one day it might get nice & distressed and I would put different legs on it, with castors & use it as a rustic French style kitchen table.

the sassy kathy

and actually the links from this post aren’t working at all…

ps this post couldn’t come at a better time – am moving in with my fiance and trying to find a stylish desk to hide all of the big/ugly computer stuff!


sassy kathy

the links are working for me- can you tell me what error you’re getting? sometimes it takes a bit for the page to load…


the sassy kathy

oh! the links from this post are working now.

however, i still can’t see pgs 2-4 on life scoop.

it shows the title/your name, but then right under it, instead of content, i’m just seeing the previous 1 2 3 4 next buttons…



i’ll let them know- they’re loading ok for me, but maybe it’s a browser issue..


Sasha K.

I’m in love with that stak shelving bookcase/desk from DWR. Of course the $11K+ price tag is far less attractive. Sigh.


Great post, Grace. I love desks and tables of all kinds. That DWR desk/bookcase is perfection…but the “go cart” and ikea desks are more my price point. ;) I love the black Jason H&G desk, and actually own somethings similar that I’ve wanted to repaint. Nice inspiration!


I can’t see pages 2-4 either, which is a total bummer because I’m actually in the market for a new desk and I’ve been wishing for a d*s desk roundup for weeks now! So sad!


::Swoon:: Want that Jayson Home and Garden Desk like a fat kid wants cake!


I can’t see pages 2 through 4 either, and that’s after I installed all the programs LifeScoop recommended.


love the desks, we just had to build a custom print table because there was nothing large enough out there! those trestle legs come in handy too.

Healthy Republic

Great post! I’d love to see one on craft/fabric cutting tables if you know of any great resources. I’ve been searching all over the web for one that is about 38″ tall with a surface area of 4′ x 4′. Any ideas? I found one at Pottery Barn, but its a bit small. I’m thinking I might just have to do a DIY project. Of course, I suppose if you know of a good DIY cutting table, that could work too! :) Thanks so much!



hi grace,

i work for IKEA, and i just wanted to clarify a couple of the desk combinations. thought i would mention it so there wouldn’t be any confusion if someone were to purchase one. the tops are one name and the legs are another, forming a combination name.

the vika hyttan listed for $139 is the VIKA HYTTAN(47″ x 24″ top is $99 & the 59″ x 30″ is $129)/VIKA FINTORP(27 1/2″ legs, $10 ea) making the combo either $139 or 169

and the vika amon listed for $99 is VIKA AMON(59″ x 30″ top is, $39.99)/VIKA ARTUR (trestles, $30 ea) making it $99.99 or the 47″ x 24″ top making the combo $79.99

thank you for including us in your round up of favorites!

Mary Lee

Where is the description for the very last desk on the home page here, in the lower right corner, light wood, stainless steel legs, curly top?


mary lee

please see the text above- the roundup exists on another site, so the sourcing is not here. just click the big “CLICK HERE” link above for the full roundup on mylifescoop. if there is a link missing from that roundup over there just let me know.


Alix H.

Ahhhhhh. I. LOVE. IT.

I think desks are one of the harder items to find but this is one I have never seen and it is a little loveatfirstsightish.