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diy project: hannah’s salvaged wood inspiration board

by Kate Pruitt

for me, there’s nothing more inspiring than a large blank canvas; something about staring at a two dimensional surface full of possibilities makes me ache with happiness. i know that space is a constant issue for many of us, but when it comes to inspiration boards i say bigger is always better. hannah found this frame outside a dumpster; it was originally the end (or arm) of a day bed, which explains its size. she purchased old fabric at goodwill and after a couple hours of work and a very small investment, she now has the most amazing inspiration board hanging on the wall of her bedroom! i particularly love the unique shape of this board; further proof that imagination can make magic out of almost any dumpster find. you can see hannah’s design and photography work (which this board will certainly come in handy for in the future) on her portfolio site. well done, hannah! –kate

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1. wood frame (picture frame, bed frame, any wood shape of any size!)

2. fabric (enough to cover the frame. hannah used an old white bed sheet and an old curtain for the base and top layer, respectively. )

3. scissors

4. white paint and brush (painting the wood white prevents it from showing through light or sheer fabrics)

5. staple gun

6. hemp twine


1. paint the wood white to prevent it from showing through the fabric. let it dry completely.

2. lay the frame front side facing down on the backside of the first layer of fabric. cut around the frame, leaving a couple inches of extra fabric all the way around. working around the frame, stretch the fabric tightly around the edges and staple to the back of the frame.

3. repeat step 2 with the second layer of fabric.

4. cut lengths of twine that are a few inches longer than the width of the frame. hang them across the front of the frame in a pattern you like, then staple them to the backside of the frame to secure them. make them tight but not super tight, as they will give a bit when you add weight to them.

5. hang your board and start getting inspired!

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