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diy project: halligan’s denim cut-offs wine bag

by Halligan

When the time comes for your jeans to be reincarnated into your new favorite shorts, the top gets a new life but what about that sturdy bottom fabric going to waste? I have been saving the bottoms of cut off jeans for two years now, knowing that someday I would have a bright idea of how to put them to use.  Denim crafts can go wrong in so many ways but my goal in this project was to cure denim crafts from their not so hip past using a little bleach and stitchery! –halligan

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– jean leg bottom
– sturdy fabric of choice (for lining)
– bleach (optional)
– scissors
– ruler
– fabric pencil/marker
– pins
– sewing machine


Optional Step: Bleach jean leg bottom to desired color.

note: Make sure to wash both your liner fabric and denim before you start sewing because the fabrics may shrink unevenly.

1. Cut open jean on the inside leg seam. Cut a 14.5″x13″ rectangle of jean fabric

and a 14.5″x15″ rectangle of liner fabric.

2. Fold lining over 1/4″, then iron down to create a crease. Fold again at 1 1/2″,

then iron down and create a crease.

3. Put jean leg with the bottom seam into the second crease and sew along bottom

of seam.  I used a zig-zag stitch for fun but a straight stitch is fine also.

4. Fold rectangle in half and finish side and bottom using a French seam.

For more info on an easy French seam go here

To make handle:

5. Cut a 2.75″x18″ piece of fabric. Fold over 1/4″ on one side and 3/4″ on the other side, then iron down.

6. Next fold over to make a one inch wide strap and sew down middle with a zigzag stitch or a straight stitch.

7. Sew handle to lining seam and to the top edge of the open wine bag.

8.  Get a bottle, insert into bag,  and head to the nearest b.y.o, park, or anywhere else you need to take some vino and share with good friends.  Enjoy!

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  • I’m curious about the bleaching process–do you just soak the denim in bleach for a few hours?

  • Thank you for this great idea Halligan! I never want to take a wine bottle to some friends’ dinner in a sad groceries bag again! Next step: looking for a pair of jeans to be reborn.

  • I have always, always saved the bottoms of my disregarded jeans. They are scattered in all sorts of strange places, but I never dared use them in fear of all of the terrible denim made things i have seen(i.e purses, wallets, and other things denim is not such a pleasant fabric for). This is a great idea though. I especially like the white, adds an equestrian/country clubber feel.

  • Hey Marine. I just put bleach in a bucket and soaked till I liked the color. You can take it out sooner if you want it more blue! Don’t forget to wash after you bleach. :)

  • This post came at a perfect time, as hubby just cut off ALL of his jeans to make shorts, and we didn’t know for sure how we would reuse the leftovers. He’ll love this idea. Thanks!!

  • Hooray for Halligan! What a wonderful and resourceful idea. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

    P.s. I like the glasses on the picnic blanket….wink

  • Wow.. after all these years of bringing wine to events in a store bought bag — I see doing it yourself is much more clever and exciting to show up in!! Thanks for the great idea!

    This will be tweeted!

  • this is great! my boyfriend and I just cut several pair of jeans into shorts. I will definitely be executing a version of this craft. thanks for posting!

  • I don’t drink wine but my favorite drink comes in a glass bottle so I love this idea.

    Dying to make a quilt as awesome as the one pictured for my next picnic.

  • yep; a brilliant idea – I used disused jeans only for shoe polishing – and since I am not THAT obsessed, I have still plenty of ‘legs’ to do things with. Mother in law made shoppers for charity sales and they went wild over them. No jeans left now – but shall start cutting them up again – NOW for wine bottle pressies – THANKS A MILLION…. Just gr8!

  • What a neat little idea for using up those old trouser legs. I just know I’m going to spend the rest of the day trying to think of other uses for old clothing now.

  • I have used the cut-off legs of soft denim pants to make heating bags filled with rice and lavender/rosemary. The long narrow shape works perfectly to hang around a sore neck, or across a sore thigh or belly. All you need to do is stick up the ends! PS I love to know that there are so many people out there who save these bits and pieces too…

  • well, after an afternoon of bleaching and trying to perfect the french seam, my wine bag doesn’t look half bag (from a distance) haha, maybe i should try one of the sewing 101 projects instead…

    take a look at my wine bag! :)

  • I love this bottle bag, and so thrifty too.
    At last I can give my (richer than I am) brother in law a gift that he doesn;t already have!

  • I need a new grocery bag holder. I couldn’t find a pattern for one using jeans bottoms, so I’m going to use this pattern, put elastic in the bottom and it will be perfect. Thank you.

  • This is a great idea! I am making this pattern right now, it gives a wine gathering a new touch and possibly give somebody street cred.

    ~ Anne