creative, inc.: stop motion video!

tuesday may be biz ladies day, but today i’m thrilled to be able to debut an amazing stop motion video from two of my favorite biz ladies, meg mateo ilasco and joy deangdeelert cho. meg and joy’s fantastic new book, creative, inc.: the ultimate guide to running a successful freelance business, came out last month and to celebrate the launch of the book, they did this amazing book trailer.

i’m a big fan of the new wave of book trailers we’re seeing online these days because they give you a great chance to “meet” the authors. if you’ve never met meg or joy, this video really captures a big part of both of their personalities: fun, playful, and unbelievably cute. if these two don’t get a tv show after this airs, someone’s missing out. i’d love to watch them travel around and help small business owners while wearing adorable matching dresses.

i’ve been poring through creative, inc. all weekend, dog-earing pages and topics that i definitely need help with myself. the book is full of advice and will teach all types of creative people, from illustrators and animators to photographers and graphic designers, how to build a successful business doing what they love. so if you’re looking for help with your small creative business, this book is a must. you can pick up a copy of creative inc. right here. a big congrats to meg and joy on their fantastic new book!

[film by thayer allyson gowdy, music by susi ghahremani]


that was so cute. I keep Mateo’s first book on my nightstand, so I can get some inspiration and encouragement when I am visualizing and dreaming of how I want to sell my craft.

This book is my next purchase…thanks!


oh good heavens i ADORE it!

what a fabulous way to cheer on & promote these two superstars and their brilliant minds!

thanks for inspiring us nicies!
{ & yay to book trailers indeed!}


how adorable! :) have this pre-ordered, I can’t wait for it to be September–one of the few good reasons for summer to be over! what an awesome accomplishment for them


Oh my, I LOVE the trailer – so cute! I’m finding their book to be a very inspiring and helpful resources as well!


adore the video! those two make a fantastic team. can’t wait to see this latest addition for creative inspiration! : )


You mean, good work habits like start working instead of browsing your contacts on facebook and watching stop motion videos?
Just kidding. It’s lovely! Cheering up!


You girls rock. Congratultions, and great work on the trailer.


I can’t wait to get this book! And Craft, Inc.—I hadn’t heard of either! Thanks for sharing such great resources


Adorable! Congratulations to Meg & Joy on the release of their new book.


Cute trailer.
Also, I noticed that you have a Diana F+ Dreamer camera! I just got it today (my 2nd Diana camera). I’m already in love with it :)


the book sounds incredible…i’ll be one the lookout for it.

plus, it’s super cute!

Kim Kulka

Meg!! This turned out amazing! So upset I wasn’t able to be there during the shoot. Hope all is well!


i am with you… i would totally watch them if they had a tv show! love the video, so so creative and just makes you smile! i have the craft inc. book, and can’t wait to get this one, too.


thanks grace & everyone for your nice words! it was super fun to make and hope you all enjoy the book! ;)


very cute!! It makes me want to buy the book! Can’t wait to read it!

alexandra keller

so very cute! i’ve got a couples of Meg’s books already, and follow Joy’s blog, so no need to twist my arm! i’m off to get my copy :)


SO cute and inspirational you guys! i know how hard you all worked on it and it definitely paid off. can’t wait to see the book.

Mandeep Khunkhuna

What a great video to promote their new book. Its very creative and really grabs your attention. I really like how the writers are in the trailer, this is something that you don’t see very often. It gives it a more personal touch and introduces them as the writers.

Carina Herman

This trailer is adorable! I will be adding the book to my “arm’s reach collection”. Within arms reach I currently keep, The Designer’s Lexicon, Craft Inc. (by Meg), the dictionary, a thesaurus and HTML cliff notes.

Alice S

This was wonderful! I read Meg’s first book, Creative, Inc., cover to cover. Very useful book. I’ll look forward to reading this one too!