coralie bickford-smith’s deco book covers

i’m going to keep this post short and sweet: coralie bickford-smith can do no wrong in my book. every single book cover she’s ever designed makes me weak in the knees. and today coralie has me in a design coma with the gorgeousness that is her latest collection: a series of deco-inspired metallic covers for six titles from f. scott fitzgerald. there are no words to describe how much i love these, so i’ll just end with a nice long “swoooon”. i mean seriously. the metallics? the patterns? i’ll take all of them. please. now. this collection won’t be out until november 4th, so stay tuned because i’ll post an update when you can buy them. though you may have to fight me in line for these when they hit the shelves…thanks coralie!


Oh, yes. Yes, indeed. Well done. Beautiful. Coralie Bickford-Smith has certainly done it again!


Omigoodness, I cannot wait till these are available! One of my bridesmaids is head over heels in love with F.Scott and these would make an awesome present!


Oh how I love these! Saw them on 100 Layer Cake last week and haven’t been able to stop staring at them. Love the polka dot one too.


I know Simon & Schuster has the rights to these titles in the U.S. – are these only going to be available in the U.K.?


these just look like jackets. her other designs were embossed on the cloth of the book itself. pretty, but not as impressive in a tactile sense.


the great gatsby pattern is a replica of a pattern that design, Louise Fili used in her early book cover design. Ihese certainly are beautiful as well, particularly as a set, but I recently saw a presentation of her work, so thought it was worth noting.


I saw these on Coralie’s site a week or two ago and they are magnificent! She made a couple new Penguin Clothbound Classics too (Dante’s Inferno and a Dickens). You should also check out White’s Clothbound books as well, as they are somewhat similar (the Treasure Island is gorgeous). Thanks for introducing Coralie’s work to us (me)!



can you provide a link to that? i take work similarities seriously so i’d love to be able to compare the two myself as well. thanks :)



oh wait, the scallop pattern? isn’t that a pretty classic design? louise is AMAZING but i’m not sure that’s a pattern that hasn’t existed before…but maybe i’m wrong. anyone know?



I am SO excited about these. I’d read an interview where she said she that this next project was going to be a series of books by a single author and I hoped and hoped it would be Fitzgerald.

I screamed (loudly) when I saw these. My mom thought something was horribly wrong. Thanks, Coralie and Grace!


oh please make this a giveaway lol i love the books and i love the covers…..


it’s a touch of perfect art.the metallic design and pattern looks so elegant.i can’t wait to have one.


I immediately thought of the shadow box from Jill Robertson’s home when I saw these! They are simply too gorgeous not to showcase, and I am filled with such anticipation. As I type, Coralie Bickford-Smith’s copy of Cranford is at my side–having such beautiful copies of my favorite books has made me so happy.


Thanks for sharing Grace…these are beautiful and going straight onto my wishlist! Hope you don’t mind but I just had to share these on my blog too (

Many thanks,


hey grace…looking for a link to an image of the book. and of course (and I’m sorry that I didn’t mention it in my comment) Louise didn’t create that art deco pattern herself…I was just struck with the similar application of it on these books.


Please Note:

Unfortunately, these will NOT be sold in the U.S. The rights to Fitzgerald in the U.S. are held by Scribner, a division of Simon and Schuster. This edition is the Penguin UK edition and will only be available via the UK or Amazon UK, etc.


I’ve already got them preordered from!

They are also available for preorder from which ships to the USA. Probably the only way to get them.

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I have bough two sets!
I gave one to my mother-in- law and boy am I in her good books. If anyone wants to know the quality, I will say that in 20 years time the covers will still shine.