candy colors

good morning! today is my first full work day back in brooklyn and i’m so excited to be home and blogging again. when i caught up to my submission inbox this weekend i couldn’t help but notice a ton of brightly colored designs just waiting to be posted. so i decided to group my favorites together this morning for some brightly colored eye candy this morning. i hope you’ll enjoy the splash of color as much as i did today. [image above: striped mug by petra boas, $14 at our workshop uk]

[image above: colorful geometric prints from british artist minkee $32 for the set]

[images above: pretty new cloisonee pendants + colorful cards from yellow owl workshop]

[image above: kara maria print at art + culture editions, $50]


I absolutely LOVE the color wheel pendant necklace but am having trouble finding it online – do you have a link, or site?

im yr bird

if you click on the link “yellow owl workshop”, on the main page at the bottom of the list of items under store is a link that says “new!! Pendants”. click that and you will see the pretty color wheel pendant!


What a great pop of color for a dreary Monday morning! Loving the striped mug and the peacock print.


hurray for being on design*sponge! and next to some amazing items too. Love that stripy mug.


Love love all the colors and graphic patterns, especially the two art prints. Makes me not tired of summer at all!