before & after: verity’s sideboard + solveig’s mirror

i get a little nervous when it comes to purchasing large, heavy pieces of furniture, especially when they need a lot of work. my anxiety stems from the memory of a 15′ long solid wood table that i purchased on whim at a local bookstore’s closing sale. with no plan for where it would go, i had to push it up against a wall in our living room, where it sat like a beached manatee until i finally forced myself to sell it. this is why i greatly admire verity. not only did she spot the potential in the piece, but she knew how to make it work for her space, and she carried it out beautifully. i love the way the white paint totally removed the piece’s former clunkiness, and it looks perfect in verity’s amazing studio space. CLICK HERE to read more about it and see verity’s beautiful work. great work, verity! -kate

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uh-oh. seven years… maybe there should be a clause added to the old saying so it goes more like, “break a mirror an receive seven years bad luck, unless you take the broken mirror and turn it into something way cooler, in which case, seven years good luck!” i like that much better. this mirror-turned-message- board project from graphic designer solveig petch would certainly fit that description. her bold color palette is so fun; i love the the olive green paint against the printed fabric (solveig’s own design), and the pop of contrast provided by the black birds. you can purchase solveig’s fabric on spoonflower, and read more about her creative projects on her site. great idea, solveig!


Oh my word! I love the outcome of the sideboard! I’m currently looking for pieces for my studio, I’ll have to remember that transformation!
Thanks so much for sharing!

sara s.

love, love, love the sideboard! i wish i had more room for large scale diy projects!! beauuutiful!


Absolutely love the sideboard! The white paint makes it look so light, elegant and romantic…

Blue Penguin

That sideboard has to be one of the best transformations I’ve seen in quite a while – so simple, but just so very very wonderful. The textured detail is really able to shine. Love this…