before & after: tim’s condo makeover

one of my favorite types of before & after projects is the whole apartment makeover. i find furniture transformations very inspiring, but sometimes i just want to live vicariously though someone who guts a whole place and makes it feel completely different. tim’s airy condo with a balcony is totally filling my need for big changes. i especially appreciate his bold choices: the mixing of patterns, the bright accent wall, and the moroccan feel to his balcony really make a strong statement. great, work, tim! -kate

CLICK HERE for more of tim’s condo after the jump!


love the alphabet poster… would you share where it was purchased?
fabulous make-over… I could live here (if I was inclined to live in a city)…


It’s fabulous! What a transformation! I’m dying to reupholster all sorts of things (that green couch, by the way, is fantastic), but the cost thwarting me, so I too will have to live vicariously through these kinds of transformations for the time being…


The poster is from Ikea! It’s called Olunda and costs $39.99.

Michelle Cross

Ah! I’m dying over that patio. SO gorgeous.

…and if it’s not the same one, I know I’ve seen nearly identical posters to the alphabet one above at IKEA.


so inspiring. i love the rug on the deck- it’s exactly what i’ve been looking for for quite a while, any details available?


So, the makeover is fabulous, but what’s funny is, I would gladly make MY place over into his Before!!

The Art of Doing Stuff

Nice job! I love orange as an accent.

All I want for Christmas is a womb chair. Real, fake … I don’t care,
I just need some cozy womb flair!

a poem – by karen


agreed! digging that mix of color and pattern as well. and that poster is great.


how cool is that! i love it when it looks like a magazine stylist comes in and takes control. really let’s you see how that space has great bones, and the right color and fabric and furniture makes it just feel beautiful. great eye!


Love all the colors and patterns!
I think the type poster is from Ikea.


Love this! Such a great use of color, while still looking modern and comfortable. And that balcony is super sweet!

Maria Valdivieso-Pakozdi

Beautiful I live in a condo and sometimes I feel at a disadvanage because it doesnt have much warmth.
Is this in Toronto? It seems familiar :)


the poster is from ikea! i saw it on my last trip and loved it!


I’ve lusted after that type poster too, it’s in Ikea. You’ll have to race me to get one ladies :D xx


The poster is great and loved the use of all the different textures and color in the apartment! The patio and view was my favorite!


Wow really nice transformation. Were the after photos taken by a professional? They’re very crisp the lighting is great. My kitchen is dark, similar to the before shot of the living room – just wondered how you managed to brighten it up so much or if it is just a photographic illusion…..!

Llaves Designs

Love this!! What color is that blue you used on the one wall??? Its the color I have been trying to find and keep getting distracted by pastels…


I love the tables and the beautiful womb chair! The space is so lush and gorgeous.


what a fabulous place. great job on the chair reupholstery. i second the request for the source of the living room coffee table. does anyone know where it’s from?


Awesome apartment, awesome makeover.

almost as awesome as karen’s poem.


If it’s the same as mine, the living room coffee table is from Eurway. :)


but this one got me thinking: ideally the ‘before’ photos should have as much light as the ‘after’ ones. in itself more light makes a room look… brighter.


Love it! That green + black and white is so clean and fresh. And it’s definitely Toronto, you can see the base of the CN tower in the balcony “before” pic.


It’s a good effort but the results, although lighter, are hedious in my opinion. Too much colour and pattern and zero style!


To Llaves Designs: i hear you on the search for a great blue like this. i used La Fonda Villa Fountain from Valspar in my dining room and i love it!!!!! it’s an awesome teal (fyi, if you google it now, the sample is nowhere near what it really looks like in person). it looks more like the wall color in this makeover.


Love it! I would like to know where the rug is from as well!


Great use of color! I am also curious about the coffee table0- can someone source this?


The rug is from Ikea. I would also love to know the source for the couch. Gorgeous makeover!


a feast for my eyes!
What city is it? It looks like Calgary, Canada.


Its my hometown!!!
this makes me slightly proud,
even though i had nothing to do with it
amazing job Tim


LOVE the patio! for some reason I’ve become obsessed with white and blush. Very Greek Mediterranean, like Santorini.


What a beautiful space. I really like your colour selection and the way you combined everything together. I get so nervous when it comes to mixing prints, I could learn a thing or two from you.


There are some typos in here, but that doesn’t matter because the transformation is phenomenal! Very pertinent information. Thanks!