before & after: spruce’s sofa and loveseat + jutta’s lamp

i’m signed up to take an upholstery class this fall, and even though i will never come close to making something of this size and skill, i plan to look at more amazing projects like this to get me inspired. spruce is a furniture and design studio in austin, tx that specialized in custom upholstery. i love their decision to update this neutral piece with a bold graphic print from skinny la minx; the pattern creates a lovely contrast to the classically shaped frame. i would be over the moon if i had this amazing sofa to greet me every time i entered my living room. in addition to custom work, the ladies at spruce also sell refurbished furniture and home accessories in their etsy shop and offer weekend workshops on how to tackle your own smaller upholstery projects. if i lived in austin i would be there in a heartbeat. great work, ladies! -kate

[have a before & after you’d like to share? just shoot me an email with your images right here! (low res, under 500k per image, please)]

CLICK HERE for spruce’s love seat and jutta’s lamp after the jump!

when her little sister moved into a new flat and needed help decorating, jutta decided the first thing the place needed was color. while i love the color palette she chose for the room, the best touch for me is definitely the polka dot lamp! it provides just the perfect amount of small scale pattern in an unexpected place, and an added bonus is that jutta cut the dots out of a vinyl book cover, so the lamp can always be returned to its original white if needed. the marimekko curtains and the bright red chairs add to the whimsy of the room; it’s fun while also being sophisticated. much like the lamp itself! great work, jutta!


What a sister….

Also that loveseat was sickening before!! I wouldn’t want to know it used to look like that (Even though I know they replaced all the soft parts) before purchasing it refurbished.

Julia B

While I like the fabric on the sofa, I don’t think it looks good on this scale (on Skinny La Minx’s Etsy site, the fabric is on a chair and it looks awesome). The legs need to be a different color, I think. Also, are the end cushions cut a little long? The loveseat looks great!

Heather Moore

I’m totally blown away with what those gals at Spruce Austin have done with my prints. It’s SO exciting to see them used at such a vast scale, and I simply can’t believe the level of excellence they’ve put into this. All the little Duikers are perfectly pattern matched around the piping of each cushion… Wow. Really, wow!


These are ALL amazing. I thought the first sofa looked pretty good on the “before” picture but the makeover with the deer fabric is just so fabulous! Plus the little dining area is so cheerful. I love those colors together.


I love, love, LOVE these makeovers… the fabrics are divine. Unexpected and whimsical… yet classic. Lovely!!


Looking at these w/ 4 yr old. With each before we shouted, “Ewww!” or “Boring” and with each after we shouted, “Ah! Beautiful!” Loved all three of these!

Ryan Green

I love the orange/red dining set with blue seat cushions. AWESOME! I wish my kitchen was big enough to fit a table.


Nothing like some great re-upholstery jobs. Kate, you’ll have to give us some easy DIY projects when you’re finished with your upholstery class…In my dream life where my business ran itself and my infant and two-year old had nannies Brangelina-style, I woud audit college classes and learn to upholster!


Hi Kate – I live in SF and have been looking for a upholstery class to take. Do you mind sharing when you found your class? Thanks!


love the sofas, but I really love the cheery dining room with the fun light and the awesome painted furniture and amazing curtains!


All great projects! Could anyone tell me what kind of chairs are in the dining room? Thanks!


I disagree with the fabric choice for the sofa makeover. To me, it the dear look odd that size on a large sofa. I’m not sure why it was re-covered in the first place (it looks like the original was in good condition?)


I love the Skinny La Minx pattern on that sofa. Great South African textile designer! Keep supporting her!


Yes where are those curtains from?!?!

Love the sofas! I dream to be able to do a project like this!


I have the EXACT same chippendale sofa, but in much better condition…I’ve still been very tempted to recover it since it’s in a teal color (not ugly, but not very neutral). It’s just so expensive to recover! I only paid $25 for it like 8 years ago…so…


Christine – Here in Austin upholstery classes are offered through the Adult Continuing Education Program at the local community college (LOVE instructors Mike and Paulette!). It isn’t a certification program, but you learn by doing one project of your choice at at time. Maybe you can find a similar program in SF.


I have a camelback sofa I was planning to reupholster in a plain color fabric, but this post has me rethinking my fabric options. Thanks!


*LOVE* that deer sofa! so unexpected, so cool, so young. I just wish they would have treated the legs also.

On the other hand, the love seat works great with the green colors in the fabric. Also drooling over that one!


UNEXPECTED is the perfect word for the reupholstered “spruced up” sofa and love seat.I would love to have that bright green love seat in my little cottage.


Christine –
CCA offers an extended education class called “upholster this” and also SF community college has an upholstery workshop. I haven’t heard any reviews of either of them yet, but hope for the best. Hope this helps!


I agree with Julia B. While I like the sofa fabric, I don’t think it works here to the best advantage of either the sofa shape or the fabric itself. Also, agree the old “fruitwood” leg finish doesn’t coordinate well with the sofa’s new image. Love the loveseat.

Dulcie Walton

Bloody hell your work is outstanding, not sure I’ll be able to be a designer any more…just don’t have the talent….but on a positive note it’s lovely work….


Kate & Phyllis – thanks for the info! I’ll check them out. :)


The curtains in the kitchen are pure Finnish design. It’s Marimekko’s fabric called Kissanminttu. You can get it in different colours, but I chose the dark green one. And to the question about the orange chairs in the kitchen: they are just normal wooden chairs, from a Finnish furniture store. I bought them from the people, who used to live in that flat.


What an amazing upholstering job! The love seat is a definite upgrade, but I’m sad to see the original sofa fabric go. I don’t think the deer pattern suits the sofa. And I agree it doesn’t go with the legs.