before and after

before & after: peaches’ figurine + justina’s side table

by Kate Pruitt

if you caught peaches’ diy project yesterday, you are well aware of her love of color and unusual objects (i loved the male bust vase, it was like a giant floral chia pet). this quick figurine makeover is another awesome idea; with a little glue and paint, this headless matador has been brought back to life, and looks like he’s having a lot more fun. you can see more of peaches’ recycled creations on her site. great project, peaches! –kate

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i have to admit i am a huge wimp when it comes to adding mixed patterns in my house. it’s embarrassing to watch me hem and haw over patterned accessories;  they sit on my desktop for months until i chicken out and buy something plain that ends up boring me immediately. it’s not cool. when i saw this end table project by justina of compai creative in la, i wanted to kick myself. i love how fun this pattern is, not to mention the fact that she upholstered this piece with fabric and upholstery tacks. genius. i love how it pops against the robin’s egg blue wall and the green plants. why can’t i be brave like this? i plan on looking at this project when i need a kick in the pants, not to mention justina’s blog, which is packed with a similar love of color and fun. thanks for the inspiration, justina!

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