bathroombefore and after

before & after: killy & oliver’s bathroom + evita’s studio

by Kate Pruitt

i hate those ads for painter’s tape that depict happy couples (in pristine clothing) grinning as they peel the tape off a wall, revealing a perfectly precise striped surface. guess what painter’s tape? i’ve tried you before and it’s not that easy. to be fair, it might be because, while i consider myself a speedy, accurate painter, rulers and measuring are not my thing. this bathroom makeover from killy and oliver makes me want to try again though. the changes they’ve made to their small bathroom totally liven up the space, and i swear i have never seen such a fun combination as those yellow stripes with that gorgeous shower curtain (an anthropologie gem). they run a small design firm together in nyc, so it’s no surprise they’re pros at mixing color and pattern. great work, killy and oliver! –kate

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before we moved into our current apartment, my boyfriend and i were moving out of places every nine months or so. while nine months may sound like a good chunk of time, in moving terms it’s basically a minute. the result was that lesser used rooms (cough *the dining room* cough) would exist permanently in a “before” state much like this one. we finally said enough, and turned the dining room in our current place into something far more useful: a studio. i’m extremely grateful to have the space, but sadly it looks nothing like this studio. evita’s airy, elegant and eclectic studio puts my ramshackle room to shame. i love the mixture of dark wood and antiques against the icy blue walls. you can see the same refined color palette and love of vintage style in her handmade accessories, which are available in her shop, le papillon vert. forget working, i want to live in this room! great work, evita!

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