before and after

before & after: ashley’s chair + mary’s ikea hacks

by Kate Pruitt

sometimes i think that the before & after column should instead be called “awesome scores”, because i frequently find myself insanely jealous of the furniture you readers manage to acquire. this director style rocking chair (!) is further proof of this. i love this piece. ashley was no fool about it either; i think she added just the right touch by using burlap coffee sacks to this piece to keep its antique, worldly appeal. the result is something i would want to keep forever. i’d keep that dog, too:) nice work, ashley!

CLICK HERE for mary’s ikea hacks after the jump!

there are ikea makeovers, and then there are ikea makeovers. mary’s paint and decoupage work on these ordinary pieces blows my mind. i love that you can use fairly straightforward craft techniques to completely customize furniture like this. the chair is feminine, modern and totally eye-catching, and i love the color and pattern on the nesting tables. her photography skills are pretty amazing too. you can see more of mary’s photography on her blog. thanks for sharing these, mary!

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