before & after: ashley’s chair + mary’s ikea hacks

sometimes i think that the before & after column should instead be called “awesome scores”, because i frequently find myself insanely jealous of the furniture you readers manage to acquire. this director style rocking chair (!) is further proof of this. i love this piece. ashley was no fool about it either; i think she added just the right touch by using burlap coffee sacks to this piece to keep its antique, worldly appeal. the result is something i would want to keep forever. i’d keep that dog, too:) nice work, ashley!

CLICK HERE for mary’s ikea hacks after the jump!

there are ikea makeovers, and then there are ikea makeovers. mary’s paint and decoupage work on these ordinary pieces blows my mind. i love that you can use fairly straightforward craft techniques to completely customize furniture like this. the chair is feminine, modern and totally eye-catching, and i love the color and pattern on the nesting tables. her photography skills are pretty amazing too. you can see more of mary’s photography on her blog. thanks for sharing these, mary!


Love both chair makeovers! Where can you find coffee sacks like the one on the rocking chair?


Ahh. Love the rocking chair and the dog looks so perfect with it!

Also love the nesting tables. I’m wondering whether the tops are decoupage or handpainted.


I recognize the Snow & Graham prints, which I love! At first I thought perhaps wallpaper was used, but they don’t make wallpaper. How did you do it, Mary?


Ah, it’s a decoupage technique. Can you recommend any tutorials?


Love the chair but LOVE the Boxer more!!!

I have two so they are near and dear to my heart!!


So pretty!! Our Twiggy and Hatch were designed as complimentary patterns and this use makes me so so happy. Thank you, Mary!


Do a search on Etsy for coffee sack or coffee bags. You’ll find a dozen or so shops that sell them! ;)


Could we have a DIY for the decoupage chairs??? I’m loving them!

Ashley P

Thanks for adding my rocking chair!
I picked up the burlap sacks for free from Allegro coffee co. Every Friday the roasters set the empty bags out on the docks for anyone to use!


that’s my friend ashley! she rocks! check out her blog and her etsy profile. :)


I have those nesting tables and I was looking to revamp them. Is that wallpaper? Please share!


Thanks for putting my project up! I got my paper at paper mojo–one of the best sites for paper. Thanks for all the compliments!


A tutorial on the chair please! It’s lovely! I have the same chair and would love to know how to jazz it up a bit