angie and tyson’s diy wedding

by Grace Bonney

i love being able to follow readers and artists throughout various points in their careers and life. so when i heard from angie, who did the amazing nelson-inspired diy jewelry chest 2 years back, i was excited to see what was new with her. not only has angie been busy designing her own clothing line at norwegian wood, but angie and her husband tyson got married this past july! looking to keep things homey and affordable, they decided to have their wedding in the backyard of angie’s parents’ home in rural manitoba.

once the venue was chosen, angie and tyson made a list of potential “expensive” things so they could try to find affordable, but special, solutions for everything. one of angie’s favorite ideas was using old plastic chairs that had been used in her hometown’s 4-h events, town dances, and fundraisers. angie and tyson loved the chairs so much they used them as a jumping off point for their color scheme.

once the color scheme was chosen angie says, “everything else was a flurry of vintage and vintage-inspired fabrics.” after a few “sangria-fueled” crafting/sewing parties, angie and her bridesmaids had made everything from dresses and banners to tablecloths and favors. but, the best detail of all? angie’s amazing FIVE DOLLAR DRESS. i know. i had to email her to confirm that wasn’t a typo. angie found her amazing dress (more images below) at a local recycling shop (where you pay for clothing by weight) for only $5. hive five for that one, angie.

other diy elements included paintings that tyson made of their family (angie, tyson, and their two dogs) to hang behind the head table, wooden “medals” made for the wedding party to wear (with the help of mike & judy), and a gorgeous guest book that angie’s studio mate/friend/groomsman marc simard custom made. after the diy elements were finished, angie found their rings, cake topper, and her corset on etsy.

angie said one of the best parts of the wedding was the fact that since so many people from the wedding party were from out of town they set up a little trailer village at the side of the yard (borrowed trailers/campers from family and friends) so everyone was there for a few days leading up to the wedding! they were able to help decorate and set up, while hanging out and “making life wonderful” for angie and tyson. the final result is a day that looks so wonderful, homemade, and special that i couldn’t resist sharing it here at d*s. whether you’re getting married soon or not, this big day is full of great ideas that would translate well for a special event or just a fun backyard bbq. congrats to angie and tyson- thanks so much for sharing your big day with us! click here to see more photos from angie and tyson’s big day! all photography by jake & jess of kamp photography

CLICK HERE for 11 more images of the wedding after the jump! (including Angie’s amazing $5 dress and all the wedding sources/details)

[image above: the $5 dress! i can’t get over how chic it looks at the big day]

[image above: angie’s engagement ring in a box with a custom drawing by tyson]


Wedding Bands: Angie’s from etsy, Tyson’s from etsy

Cupcake Cups: The Baker’s confections

Red Velvet Cupcakes and macaroons made by: Elaine of Elaine Ho and Yana of Supayana , Cupcake recipe by Amy Butler via Design*Sponge

Cake made by: Angie’s sister Pam….she worked in a bakery for years and now works in environmental science!

Cake Topper: Megan Bogonovitch

Cupcake toppers (plastic): Collage Curiosities

Paper cupcake flags: self made with bridesmaids

Flag banners: self made with bridesmaids using fabric from www.quilthome.com and vintage fabric found locally

Bridesmaid dresses: self made with fabric from www.quilthome.com

Metal tins from: Tucked away treasures, Selloholic mom, and Magia Mia

Cupcake stands (made from vintage dishes and candleholders): self made

“Wedding Medals” designed by myself and friend Judy and laser cut by Judys boyfriend Mike of Furni

Table flowers & Bouquet: local “flowers” from the ditch beside our house (foxtails, bullrushes, grasses), my grandpas field (canola, sorry gramps, we only took a bit!) and my moms garden (nasturtiums), supplemented with some grocery store flowers for more colour (Asters in yellow, white and lime and Astramaris in yellow, white and burgundy). All arrangements were put together by myself and my lovely friends.

Table runners: burlap from www.uline.ca

Placemats: Ripped squares from vintage fabric and new fabric from www.quilthome.com

Catering: Naleway Catering (Tyson used to play in a band with the owner, Rob!)

Vintage chairs: these are the chairs I grew up using at our local town hall…the chairs have since been demoted to use at the June town picnic/ball tournament, but they cleaned up quite nicely with a pressure wash from my mom!

Paper lanterns: Ikea

Paper poofs: self made with the help of many friends! Thanks to Elaine (one of the bridesmaids) from www.roadkill.etsy.com for figuring out the best way to make them!

Photo area: vintage folded paper and vintage paper lanterns, artfully arranged by bridesmaids Judy Lawrence (of www.mijuandyou.etsy.com) and Amanda Moss (designer of www.covetthis.com)

Wedding officiator: Tavis Bodnarchuk (Tysons brother)

“Family Crest” painting: by Tyson

Guest book by groomsman/leatherworker Marc Simard

Wine labels: Self made, with our crest

Portrait Paintings: Self made, Angie and Spidey (by Tyson) Tyson and Mary (by Angie)

Kazoos: bought from Long & McQuade (http://www.long-mcquade.com/) in Winnipeg (the bridal party entered the ceremony playing Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da)

Biodegradable bar cups and dessert plates: Canada Green

“Le Bar”, “Wedding” and “Cut Off List” (also for the bar) signs handpainted by our friends: Jen Storey (http://www.etsy.com/shop/jenstorey) James Braithewaite (http://www.thebathwater.com/) Freddy Casia (http://www.momunit.com/) and James Kerr (http://www.theypf.com/)

Reception music: iTunes playlists
First dance song: I Only Have Eyes for You – The Flamingos
Father/Daughter, Mother/Son dance song: Garden Party – Rick Nelson

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  • So fresh and cheerful! Love the chairs–both the colors and the sentiment behind choosing them.

    I’m dying to know the patterns the bridesmaids used, especially the second and third from the right in the group photo!

  • I’m dying to know what company made those plastics chairs so I can scour the ebay for some. I want, I want, I want!

  • I love this wedding, so inspirational! Also, thanks for linking to the diy jewelry chest. I’m definitely adding it to my jewelry display pinterest board.

  • Love this! My husband and I did everything ourselves 20 years ago, $1500 total for food, bar, venue, everything. It’s the way to go! Why spend a fortune on this one day? Save the money and make it so much more personal and intimate. It’s way more fun and it’s great to get the whole family involved. Kudos to Angie and Tyson! Best wishes for your future together!

  • Your wedding was breathtakingly beautiful, I’m at a loss for words. We did some of the same things two years ago for our wedding, but it wasn’t as gorgeous and colorful as this. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations!

  • I can’t even begin to express how fabulous I think this is. The chairs are absolutely fantastic and the whole thing is just totally amazing. FLOORED!

  • so pretty!! i saw the photos on facebook and i was… almost with a tear in my eye , so pretty and magic.
    congrats both you are a very sweet couple in person and in photos :)
    btw i love the rainbow photo

  • Hello to Angie and Tyson!
    To toot my own horn, my small part of this great wedding is that I made the Forget Me Not bow ring that is Angie’s engagement ring. Thanks Angie!

  • This wedding caught my eye, of course – it’s gorgeous! What has me extra happy is that it took place where I live. So inspirational. Great work Angie and Tyrone!

  • wow, I’m loving those chairs. I know they are just plastic chairs, but they are just kitchy/fabulous enough to make that event!

  • this is the most beautiful wedding i’ve ever seen. that dress and the deal you got is amazing. love everything about this dream wedding.

  • Amazing and love-filled! That’s how weddings should be!

    I thought my wedding dress was a steal at $83.99 from Loehmann’s, but I guess I was wrong!

  • This made me so happy! What a beautiful and intimate wedding, I am smitten by the details. And what a gorgeous dress! Lovely lovely lovely.

  • this is not only stunning but it’s completely inspiring too. i am so impressed, they should be so proud of themselves!

  • So excellent to see something similar what I have in mind for my wedding (in 3 weeks) up on the screen before me. Very cool. I wish I had as many crafty friends for the small details, but I doubt this couple will have hand-carved veggies! (My brother’s contribution.) Thanks for the gorgeous photos! Congrats Tyson & Angie!

  • I am so thrilled to see this. I own a Norwegian Wood necklace and it’s easily my favorite piece. What a treat to see wedding pictures of the person who made it! That connectedness to the things you own doesn’t happen when you buy from Forever 21.

  • I am also dying to know what pattern you used for the bridesmaid dresses. Everything is so adorable, I love it.

  • this is great! i think weddings should be this personal and not feel so store bought. i feel the same way about homes. they did a lovely job of making it fun and still put together.

  • The bridesmaid dresses Im almost certain is the butterick 4790 walk-away dress (vintage) pattern.

  • Hi everyone!

    First of all, thanks for the kind, kind words! I was sick over the last few days and wasn’t able to respond until now!

    Hoodmama – you should get some sort of pattern trivia award, that’s absolutely the pattern we used! We made some adjustments to neckline, cut of the sleeves and front closure to suit each of the girls individual style, plus we made the underskirt full (like the overskirt) to create an overall more full effect. All the girls loved their dresses and have been wearing them since.

    June – I’m not sure what company made those chairs…they’ve just been part of the landscape of my small town since the late 60’s/early 70s for sure!

    Curly Girl – Yes! We gave Grace a link to your shop too, it’s right below the photo of your lovely ring

    Terry – Your comment made me bust a gut ;)

    Chelsea – That’s so sweet! Thank you!

    For anyone who wants to see about a MILLION more pics our amazing photographers took, here’s our Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/iheartnorwegianwood/sets/72157612314469639/

  • What a beautiful day you had! I’d love to read a DIY post on your pinwheel fans you used as a backdrop. Looks like it could be pretty simple but I can’t wrap my head around it. Good luck to you and your husband!

  • That wedding is just so fabulous – fun, individual and with heaps of personality. I just love it! It’s also the first wedding I’ve seen which has used those brilliant animal cake toppers from Etsy, which has completely made my day!

  • Gill – The shop is in a suburb of Montreal called St. Hubert…it’s actually not much of a shop, more of a warehouse! Sadly it’s not open to the public, but it’s open to all small businesses. Basically it’s a company with a dual purpose: Keeping used clothing out of the landfills by sorting it and bundling it into bales, which are then sold to companies in developing countries who sell the clothing to people in these countries (this is a bit of a hot topic, with both pros and cons, google it for more info!). This company (called Certex BTW) also sells to local thrift stores and small businesses who recycle clothing as part of their business. I was there looking for vintage textiles, while my friend was there looking for vintage mens shirts which she changes into super cute womens tops. I was actually EXTREMELY lucky to find such a gorgeous dress, in the times I’ve been seen I’ve only found dresses that could be used for fabric, but not really worn as is.

  • Oh i forgot to mention the second purpose of the company! They also employ people with special needs who sort the clothing into categories, making them one of the rare companies who is almost completely employed by people with special needs!

  • You had me with those fabulous chairs. This is one of the neatest weddings I’ve ever seen. Everything about it – including the camper village – is simply wonderful. And that dress! Congratulations to all. Happy happy! :)

  • OMG! I saw this before and totally LOVED this, but just found out my friend Yana from HS was a bridesmaid! I couldn’t make her out in the pic! So cool! Looooooooove it even more!!! xooxoxox