i wanted to give you guys a quick midday peek into the mind of a hungry blogger. around 10am every day i start wishing i’d picked up better breakfast food and start imagining all the things i want to eat for lunch. in the summer few things top my list quite like bbq and grilled corn. the weather is perfect for grilling but alas, there’s no way i’m grilling indoors. so when i saw abigail’s tweet about this grill that sits on the edge of your railing i wanted to cry i was so happy. i don’t think i could legally get away with this, but i know some friends with homes close to ours that probably could. how fun would it be to light up a mini grill and toast marshmallows or tiny veggie skewers? i’m already dreaming up all the things i’d like to cook on this. so if you’re up for a tiny bbq, you know who would like to join. click here to check out the grill and order online. it’s a danish site, but i find that if you email people and are willing to pay for shipping, they’re happy to sell you their products ;) thanks, abigail!


Oh that’s soo cute! We have a Juliet balcony in our apartment. We have a full size grill but it stinks because we have to drag it out of our storage locker, let it cool, clean it, and drag it back in everytime we want to use it. We’ve only grilled once this summer because it’s such a hassle..

How much do you think this is roughly?


What an amazing idea for a grill!! how convenient, petite and cute is this? Love it, thanks for sharing!

Amy O'Kane

I had a tiny apartment with such a lovely balcony. considering downsizing again so I can fully utilize this lovely little BBQ!

sara s.

i’ve been dreaming of a grill for my apartment balcony and this would be absolutely perfect!! (minus the slight fire-hazard potential of using it on a wooden balcony railing)


That’s excellent! I would love to use one of those, but we aren’t allowed to have grills or firepits on our patio at my apartment :-(



i heard from someone who owns one and she said that it comes with very clear safety warnings about not using it near wood. so i wouldn’t use this on a wooden deck for sure. in terms of danger, as long as this isn’t near wood or wood siding, i don’t think it’s any more dangerous than a regular fire-burning grill.



all this for under $100? how can you go wrong? you can’t grill much on it but, for a city dweller or a true minimalist, this is perfect. i gre up in a tiny apartment in europe and my dad fashioned something like this out of a flower pot with a grill on top that he made. the lid was from a cooking pot. it was cute; this is stunning.


oh man. i’d love this but santa clara county has a law against using any bbq in a multi residence building.


Hooray! More ways to set the apartment building on fire! Can’t wait!!!

Just invest in a quality grill pan folks.


Have to put in another good word for boat barbecues! Ours used to actually live on a boat, but it got replaced with a newer fancier model and came to live with us. It’s still a delight and a great way to save space. I really recommend looking into them!