writer’s and gardening cabins: decorated

i emailed with charlotte rivers yesterday after writing about her beautiful letterpress books, and it lead me to spend most of my lunch break browsing through her lovely blog. when i loaded the page the first thing i saw was a post on amazing writer’s and gardening cabins from dave coote design (made from reclaimed materials) . i was immediately hooked and found myself browsing craigslist for tiny, affordable plots of land in the catskills for i could plunk one of these down. i don’t think that’s gonna happen, but i can still dream. and part of that dreaming involves mental decorating. so i thought, even if i can’t live in these now, i can imagine how i’d fill them with furniture, accessories, and little odds and ends. so i created my little dream rooms for each space below- i’d love to hear what the key elements of your dream writing/garden cabins would be. i’m always looking for great garden-inspired interior pieces… [thanks, charlotte!]

[image above, clockwise from top left: paperback wallpaper $198, recycled pine wood bookshelf $1599, bleeker notebooks $18+, conrad sofa $5499, whale weathervane $498, rug ottoman $1995, antique candlesticks $195, essex reading glasses $38, dutch cup and saucer $24]

[image above, clockwise from top left: gloria’s garden rug $348+, silver metallic rainboots $125, vintage english flask $150, faceted hanging tray $58, cranford by elizabeth gaskell $20, zinc pendant light $198, heirloom seeds $24 for 12 packs, vintage silverware garden marker $7, folding garden chair $198, blackboard garden markets $12.75 (or make your own here), tin watering jug $28]


I always like your photo collages like these. I’m curious how you create them… do you use a specific program?


Ah, thanks Grace! The cabins are amazing aren’t they, I am dreaming of one when I have a big garden….


Beautiful inspiration! I need my own inspiring writer’s corner! I like your inspiring collages full of books and vintage bits.

Tricia Rose

I’d go for the traditional English potting shed, a bit cobwebby, warm from the sun, smelling of old sacking and full of tools on a scarred work bench, comfy battered chair in a corner. I’d never get any work done of course!

Stacey Yacula

Oh! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I am crawling out of my skin excited about these beautiful cabins… such a dream of mine. Thank you for sharing Dave Coote’s wonderful talent, I am hooked and I love your comment about mental decorating. Great way of looking at it!


I tried on those same silver Hunter rainboots at my local discount store last week, I think they were selling for around $40! alas, I cannot pull off silver shiny boots..I looked like a robot


how funny! the husband and I have been scrouring for a tiny little place with an acre land in either the catskills or hudson valley.

close enough for a weekend getaway – far enough for escape!

Christa Pirl

Love the imagined interiors…check out a few images of island houses in Norway for additional garden room ideas- christapirl.blogspot.com.


Dave Cootes – wow, the first little cottage image with the simple hinged windows and tin roof made my heart flutter. It is perfect!


that bookshelf is beautiful.

i love fantasizing about having a little shack on the back for writing. …if i had a back to begin with. – someday! with a yard will come an adult secret fort — and a dog!!


you are going to hate me or love me, but I’m planing to create a gardenshed/design studio space this coming fall and winter for my back yard, so that I can open up my third room into a guest room, which is now a small cozy office space.. I love your inspired dreaming pics of what you can do, I’m glad I saw these, they make an outdoor shed more inviting and organic..


ooh i love the rug ottoman! has anyone seen something similar at a lower price point?

Torrie @ a place to share...

Well, I just got back from a 2 week vacation and I am getting caught up on my blog reading. I intended to skim through (since I had 75 of yours to read!!), but it’s honestly hard with your blog because there are so many great ideas that I want to capture/save/look further into!! I love the blackboard garden markers, and especially the link to the DIY ones! Since I’m a fairly new reader, I love getting linked to your older ideas/posts so that I too can see them! Please continue linking to some of your previous posts for us newbie bloggers:).

Cheryl Gallagher

I would outfit my dream writing shed with at least one stained-glass window so as the light comes through I have a colorful puddle on the floor. I would also include a chaise lounge, writing desk, bookshelf full of hardback books and a rolling chair as I like to have quiet company when I write. This way my company can immerse themselves in a book while I immerse myself in finding the right words!