under $100: laptop bags + covers

it was so fun to guest blog at my lifescoop about my favorite tech-related design, so i’m going to keep the guest blogging going for a bit longer with a few more budget-friendly tech posts! today my post is dedicated to great design-focused laptop cases that are all under $100. i picked out 35 of my favorites, ranging from patterned cases by amy butler and bold metallic mock-crock sleeves to hand-crocheted cases at etsy and some fun neoprene striped bags. i think there’s something for everyone here, whether your style is classic, traditional, girly, or wild.

CLICK HERE for check out the full roundup of 35 laptop cases under $100

*to my lovely twitter tweeps: so sorry for the delay on the patio post. i’ll get that done for the next under $100


Alas, bear in mind that the gorgeous BookBooks by TwelveSouth aren’t recommended for white MacBooks, because there’s a chance of the red lining staining the exterior. Waaaaah!


i use a vintage carpet bag (purse) bought off etsy to hold my netbook, cheap, sturdy, and stylish.


i love the laptop sleeves, but what do you do with the powercord? laptop bags/sleeves never have room for powercords, speakers and files you’d need for a presentation!

my spatula

love this! i’ve been on the hunt for the perfect laptop bag for years it seems. thank u thank u! xo.


You posted an under $100 right before I purchased my iPhone and now one right before I purchase a new laptop. Thanks for being so in sync with me!


Thank you! This is a constant obsession of mine! I think i need the canvas bag and a colorful case!


The BookBook is THE best case I’ve ever had. For a book nerd like me, it’s perfect. Looks lovely, stands up to the daily wear, and it’s perfect in stealth mode on the bookshelf to ward against all those would-be Mac robbers who never think of stealing books…right?


i love the NottyPooch sleeve. perfect timing. i just started looking for a simple laptop bag. *a


These laptop sleeves are so cool and clever. Makes me sad that they rarely fit my 17″ laptop!

green pc

Laptop bags aren’t just the standard business colors of black or brown anymore. They can come in a wide array of colors and patterns. But making your own is a great way to not only exert your personal style, but also save some money.


Thank you so much for this entry. I suffer with my ugly black computer bag. I’m always looking for alternatives. If you come across other interesting ones, even on the higher end of the price scale, I beg you to let us know!

7 Inch Tablets

I like to have a laptop bag that is colorful or girly. Also, I wanna have accessories like that too. It is very nice !

Anna S

The link on this page (“CLICK HERE for check out the full roundup of 35 laptop cases under $100″) doesn’t work! Would you mind sending me a new one? It says “Page not found”