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under $100: a day at the beach

by Grace Bonney

it feels like summer is flying by at a lightening fast (and painfully hot) speed this year. we’re almost half way through july and i’m still dying to get out of the city for some sun and sand. inspired by amy’s summer-themed living in post (coming up next at 1pm), i decided to dedicate this week’s under $100 to all of the things i’d like to take with me for a day at the beach.

i actually grew up in a beach town, so flip flops and beach towels are practically a way of life for me (i still think beach towels make the best bathroom towels. why would anyone use something smaller?). rather than reliving the gross mash-up of sticky sunscreen bottles, reef flip flops, and chips covered in sand that were in my bag, i decided to imagine a few beach go-ers that were a bit cooler. for some reason, when i sat back and looked at the collages i made they looked to me like “brunette, blond, and red headed beach-goer”. so now all i can see is one of those daily candy-style drawings (with the appropriate hair-color) wearing and carrying all these items. no matter what you hair color is, i hope you’ll enjoy the selections below. happy beaching!

*thanks to everyone on twitter for sending over such great beach suggestions/requests yesterday!

[image above, clockwise from top left: striped sun hat $46, coral necklace $18, outdoor radio $55, ragtop tote $32, hammock $57 (for those of you lucky enough to have a space to hang one), thomas paul melamine lobster plate $40 (part of a set of 4), framed border beach towel $18, paddle ball set $14.95 (nothing screams “beach” like this game!), striped bikini top ($31.50) and bottom ($23+), l’occitane sunscreen $30, orange tumblers $17.99]

[image above, clockwise from top left: neptune melamine dinner plate $12, triangle napkin $12, bocce set $69.99 (great for hard-packed sand), petit bateau bikini $60, amy butler peacock towel $22 (LOVE THIS!), striped disposable cups $1.49 for 18, beach blankets $48 each, striped espadrilles $30, recycled glass carafe $42, tocca sunscreen towelettes $28, medina market tote $33.60]

[image above, clockwise from top left: shadow dots beach towel $18, aviators $49.98, metallic straw hat $29, thomas paul melamine octopus plate $40 (part of a set of 4), supergoop! sunscreen wipes $34, koli sandal $96, lemon print beach cooler $77 (how adorable is this?), yellow striped napkins $6 for 20 (to wrap around your favorite beach-side beverage), striped tumbler $17.99 for 4 (in red, blue, yellow and green]

[image above, clockwise from top left: sand castle molds $12.99 (to create your dream beach-side home), airwalk skim board $24 (i always wanted one of these growing up. they’re so cool), tracy reese beach towel $23.99, lime green woven shopper $59, mermaid bottle opener $14.95 (for a cold beer- or soda- by the beach), green picnic grill $49.95 (if you’re allowed to grill on your beach. lucky.), striped deck chair $99 (great for hard-sand beaches), “risky business” sunglasses $11, green maillot one-piece $99.95, melamine highball by jonathan adler $9]

[image above: double dot beach umbrella $24.99]

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  • this might be my favorite design*sponge post ever. the playful beach towels (i bought the tracy reese one!}, the sweet striped espadrilles and the super chic sandals and THAT divine straw hammock!….i am ready for a beach getaway.

    sylvie of silver lining

  • I love this post! Had to buy that striped bikini..and I also have the green maillot in black – love that suit. Now if the sun would just show up…

  • Grace, you’ve given me angst!

    That beach blanket from steven alan is sooo beautiful.

    5 minutes later…Nevermind. Angst is gone. I had to buy the darn thing. Ha, and I live in the Midwest!

  • If you click on the coral necklace link, it will show you a close up picture. It appears that the necklace is made out of small plastic beads. Great post by the way! :)

  • Beach getaway-perfect for a hot summer day like today. The green maillot one piece looks potentially attractive too!

  • Hi,
    I love your blog!.and this post makes me wish that i had a beach nearby to go to.Especially the Thomas Paul plates and the straw hat, and coming from India i cant help but love the koli sandal, which is a inspiration from kolhapuri chappals (from India)which until recent years were just made from brown leather. now we find colorful ones like the one in the post and other colors such as blue, green… And these are very common in the street stalls almost all over India , we get it for abt 3-4$ but nevertheless very comfortable.

  • I just bought one of those Steven Alan beach blankets. I hope it’s as lovely as it looks online! You do such a lovely job compiling things to be extra lovely!

  • I have the polka dot Lands End beach towel in navy, and I love it! Not only is it adorable, but it is also thick, plush, and long lasting. I highly recommend it.

  • i may live in nc…but i love the beach and isle tropic themes…love to see more of your interesting and unique tropical ideas. we just built a “ramp” / pier from our original deck to our upground pool.
    it is wonderful!! i boughta small palm tree at the nc beach .. and it has grown to be about 9 ft. with the flourishing palm leaves hoveing over our small deck. but it is so comfy!!! i love bamboo too–but it is difficult to work with. i finally got my husband to build a small bamboo division by our back steps…it turned out good! any suggestions on how to use bamboo for other decorations?
    hope to hear from you

  • Target is currently selling navy and white striped espadrilles that look identical to the ones you’ve listed here for about $17!

  • What else could you need for a day down at the beach! although we don’t get much sun here (england) we do hit the beach a few times a year, I like those risky business sunglasses btw, love that movie.