three sheets 2 the wind

i love jenny sauer from three sheets 2 the wind‘s cheerful floral patterns. since she launched her business in 2005, she’s been producing great prints and patterns that she uses on pillows, bedding, and wall art. she just released a new collection of pillows and wall art printed on irish linen, and i love the juxtaposition of the natural linen color against her signature orange, green and blue hues. you can check out the full collection right here online. thanks, jenny!

*click here to check out jenny’s home tour on d*s


I´m commenting to let you know that there´s a mistake on your links to Three Sheets site. They end in “.co” instead of “.com”. It would be a shame that people didn´t get to see the site, because there´s some great patterns and designs there.


just wanted to let you know that your links to three sheets didn’t work.. thanks!!

Michael - Innkeeper

wow. there isn’t one thing i don’t like about those pillows. and orange and green are my favorites! especially when you put them together.



Wonderfully prints and colors on these pillows. Pillows are one of my favorite things.


Thank you for the link to The Sketchbook Project – which is the coolest collective project ever. I just signed up and cannot wait to receive my journal. This was a fabulous link to share.

Fiona Richards

These are great!
I like that she has taken mid century motifs but updated their arrangement so that they look contemporary. Refreshing.


Love the pillows! Also love the textured quilts/bedspreads on those beds. Any ideas on where those are from?


Those pillows are a perfect color combo for our home. Will have to check out the website.

Jenny Sauer

Thanks for all the lovely comments!
I wanted to answer the question about the quilts on the bed. They are both from Crate & Barrel – one is cream and the other is a gray blue color.

Emily Rodgers

The pillows look fabulous!! Saw them on “this pretty space” and recognized Jenny’s pillows right away!