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sneak peek best of: offices (part two)

by Grace Bonney

today i’m rounding out the “best of” sneak peek office roundup (click here to see part 1 from yesterday) with my final picks for my favorite offices we’ve ever featured. there are over 20 amazing offices in this final group, ranging from simple, minimalist desks to colorful offices that will wake you up with bright paint and hot pink piping. i hope you’ll enjoy the roundup!

[image above: i love the matisse print above d*s editors (and horne owners) ryan and alissa’s beautiful home office in philadelphia]

[image above: lauren nelson’s pretty cambridge, mass home office]

[image above: i love all the green (and the cute paris print!) in julie murphy’s home (founder of jack and lulu)]

[image above: the calming blue wall and colorful pom poms in chelsea and tec petaja’s home office are so nice]

[image above: i love all the light in emma cassi’s home office (and the cute lacy white bike basket as storage)]

CLICK HERE for 20 more office images after the jump!

[images above: casey wallpapered the file cabinet in her colorful home office]

[image above: caroline gomez’s bright green office]

[images above: i want to work with emily hensen in her hot pink backyard office]

[image above: the cuckoo clock above allison cole’s desk is such a cute touch]

[images above: asia gwis’ awesome home office in poland]

[image above: i love the bright orange walls and hanging inspiration wire in florist amy osaba’s home office]

[image above: a shared office in chelsea and tec petaja’s home]

[image above: i love the simple cork tiles above diva’s desk at home]

[image above: the antique desk in fiyel’s home office is beautiful]

[image above: i love the green walls and wooden shelving in emily anderson’s office]

[image above: jeannie of lotus bleu’s home office. i love the hot pink piping on her chair]

[image above: blake dollahite’s calm, cool, minimalist desk]

[image above: christie chase’s playful home office]

[image above: can you imagine if you got to work in this modern, airy home office every day? all that light! designed by jessica helgerson]

[image above: i love the antique chair in laura aviva’s office]

[image above: jamie gray’s second floor home/loft office]

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  • YAY! Now I have both posts saved for office inspiration when I get back:).

    Quick ?-
    Could you add a ‘share this’ or ‘e-mail this’ function to your individual posts- next to/along with your ‘tweet this’? I find myself wanting to save many of your posts and this would make it much easier!

    • torrie

      we’re on it. we’re really, really close to launching the redesign and that will be available for everything :)


  • i adore you! I have been waiting for someone to post some images of home offices: adore the green office from july murphy’s home. so fun!

  • I fell in love with Emily Anderson’s office the first time you posted it. That picture helped me convince my husband to get rid of our desk’s ugly hutch and build those awesome wooden shelves. It looks great now!

  • I am jealous of every one of those offices!

    Loved Emily’s rooms!

    They are stunning, I am now inspired to do up our office!

    Wish me luck ;)

  • I totally should have submitted a pic for this post. I have a green office with zebra print English chair and full length windows with all kinds of cuteness! Maybe I’ll still shoot you a pic. Will it be too late? maybe for another feature?

    • hi bren

      these images are pulled from full sneak peeks we’ve done, but you’re welcome to submit home images for consideration (we typically only do full home tours) at SUBMISSIONS at designsponge dot com

      g :)

  • Great timing! I just hopped on here for some office re-design inspiration today and low and behold-this post. Thanks!

  • I am loving these “best of’s.” Please do entryways/foyers/etc. next! I’m having major decorating block and could use the inspiration.

  • The Hot Pink Backyard Office, love it! And shed working is the way we’re heading.

    I have a teeny grouse here, though – there aren’t many computers and nearly no computer-friendly chairs in all of these photos! Living beautifully without carpal tunnel but with a power cord and a printer is the challenge, in my opinion…just saying.

    But how cool to have a job involving fabric and no monitor. Seriously. These are dream offices in more ways than one!

  • I really love seeing people’s office spaces… but it just seems like all everyone does is sit at their computers in pretty rooms sometimes. Can we see designers/craftspeople’s studio spaces in all their nitty gritty?

    I only ask because I am a costume designer/sewer and I am having a REALLY hard time integrating my studio space into my living space. It isn’t space for a tiny desk and a laptop I am looking for: it’s how to fit three sewing machines, a 6′ x 4′ cutting table, a 7′ bookshelf holding supplies, and at least 8 bins of fabric and other bits into a space which is too large for a living room, yet which I am unable to devote entirely to a studio (I have a roommate).

    • hi sewdotcoe

      we’ve posted some more nitty gritty offices, but for this roundup, i wanted to focus more on “pretty” and less on “gritty” ;)


  • I absolutely love that Matisse print! I’ve not seen that particular piece of his work before; the blue is so striking. I’m very inspired to make some changes to my office decor now.

  • I love the first office! It is so inspiring! I love that it looks like it is actually used, yet has so many great design elements!

  • I like the office with the flags – such a bright cheery way to make your office that much happier looking. The first image is also great – I’d love to have any of these for my office!

  • I love these photos. My home office is graphic and modern: a gun-metal colored saw horse desk with glass top, large sleek iMac, dark gray walls and doors painted to match, and a bright red pistol print of Andy Warhol. My chair is a white leather Eames mngmnt. The feel is masculine and clean. Around the room are small stacks of Charles Luck stone that inspire my designs.

  • I’d love to see a home office where the desk stands alone in the center of the room. I hate having my back to the door while working, which constricts my a lot of what I’d like to do design-wise. Anything with a vintage, chunky, desk that it the centerpiece of the room would be so helpful. The antique desks and chairs in this group are incredible!

  • thanks for sharing these. i’m currently in the process of revamping my office cube and these have provided some great inspiration. Goodbye mauve and blue and gray cubicle drabness!!

  • Inspiring…lovely and alternative mix, nice to see designers who embrace unique ideas.