sneak peek best of: offices (part one)

now that the holiday weekend is over, ac and i are back to working on converting our book/music storage room in the house to a joint office where we can both work on our respective d*s jobs. it’s been hard to re-imagine a small space turning into something we can both comfortably work in, but going through the offices in our archived sneak peeks has been a big help. from big to small, studio to home office, the homes of the artists and readers we’ve featured over the years are packed with great ideas. so many that i’ve had to break this “best of” roundup into two parts. today will highlight 25 of my favorite offices, and the next part will highlight 25 more. enjoy!

[image above: the amazing conference table in studio olivine’s office]

[image above: olga naiman’s colorful home office]

[image above: morgan satterfield’s home office]

[images above: a colorful entrance and studio for shay ometz]

[image above: the elegant, feminine home office of samantha reitmayer of style/swoon]

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[image above: another peek (from further back) at the home office of samantha reitmayer of style/swoon

[image above: i love the poster above raina kattelson’s hudson valley desk]

[image above: these cute little cork circles above summer’s home office desk are such a clever idea]

[image above: trine from ferm living uses her company’s pretty peacock wallpaper in her home office]

[images above: i can only dream of having a home office as stylish as juliet’s from poppies and posies]

[image above: melissa mcclure’s dark room-turned office space in LA]

[images above: the seriously awesome office of wonderfactory]

[image above: artist wayne pate’s home office]

[image above: photographer nicole hill gerulat’s home office]

[image above: this cozy home office belongs to susanna from paper scissors oranges]

[image above: i love the red accent colors in rion nakaya’s office]

[image above: i’d be happy to work at barbara rourke’s cool green desk]

[image above: michelle adams‘ chic- and compact- home office]

[image above: chris from the mountain label‘s sunny california home office]

[image above: the clear desk in alan of night owl paper goods’ office is a great way to add a functional work space to a room without adding too much visual weight.]

[images above: yves of “i love deer” has an open, air work space in his home in belgium]

marissa Bognanno

juliet’s office wins in my book, but i also love the simplicity of chris’s (mountain label) office. it’s nice to see an office that doesn’t necessarily require its own room!

Teresa's Terrariums

Great fodder, this is just the kick in the butt I needed to got to work on my home office,

I just posted this on an old thread, is Olga reading? I’m curious about the wicker elephant…

Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat.

The home office is such a great personal space to really ‘do your own thing’. I’m currently planning the design of my own home office and these are great inspirations!



thanks! I love seeing how people set up their personal work spaces! I finally have space enough for a separate office space, now to make it as lovely as these…

Torrie @ a place to share...

When we come back from our vacation in a couple of weeks, my office is my first priority, so this post will get saved and heavily utilized as a resource for ideas and inspiration. I can’t wait for part 2! Thank you very much for compiling and sharing:).


It inspires me. Funny that almost all working places have a Mac :) I love the blue typing machine!!

Jenna Sais Quois

I love these home offices so much! If you work from home, you need to absolutely love being in that space. I need to give my own desk a much needed redo…Thanks for the inspiration!


there are not enough words to tell you just how much i LOVE those french metal cafe chairs in the first pic.

great piece!


these are all beautiful! and I would love to have any of them as my office; especially the ones with the light walls. I love the ones with the Harry Bertoia wire chairs!


i love how almost all (if not all) of these offices with a computer shown is a MAC. it makes me want a MAC even more!


Oh how exciting to see my studio on here!!! Studio Olivine shares a home with Quince flowers and we both use this upstairs area to meet with our clients. Thanks, Grace for liking our work space. We feel quite lucky to work here.


Thanks for the ideas! The office of Shay Ometz suits me most- the colors are fun, the space isn’t so bare, & it really looks like you could sit down and be productive!

Alex Louisa

Offices/studios are my most favourite of spaces!

Thanks for all the inspiration :)

I’m very guilty of trying to fit far too much into one tiny room, but my studio is still my favourite room in the house!

tristin chiafullo

these office spaces are so spectacular and inspiring! thank you for posting. this site is amazing and am so glad to discover it on twitter. can’t wait to see what’s next! thanks!


I wonder if you would consider putting together a post or a series on making non-home offices beautiful? I have a cube in a sea of cubes and want to make my space special. Would appreciate some insight on how to make that happen in a chic way despite my blah, short walls and limited space. Thanks for considering!