sneak peek: best of nurseries


i don’t know about the rest of you, but the baby train has picked up with a lot of my friends. babies are still a long way off for me, but nonetheless, it was fun to put together this best of nurseries post inspired by all our sneak peeks to give you (or your friends) a few ideas for the new additions to the family. have to start their design sensibilities early, right? -anne

[image above: rosie of papa stour‘s dash of international flare for the baby]

[image above: no pink or blue for heather balliet]

[image above: color adds fun for paper scissors oranges]

[images above: nadja lavin makes the nursery feel fresh and modern]

[image above: basak‘s pretty in pale pink nursery]

[image above: mara of dutch door press‘s rocking and reading nook]

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[image above: summer of fawn and forest goes green]

[image above: kelly doust‘s serenity in silver and white]

[image above: alex marshall‘s calming nursery]

[image above: no surprise there’s lots of color in barbara from atelier lzc‘s nursery]

[image above: lauren bradshaw makes dark feel light]

[image above: jeremy mcelwain puts a contemporary spin on the rocking chair]

[image above: lotus bleu proves baby’s room can also be sophisticated]

[image above: caroline lubbers reminds us that you can never go wrong with white]

[image above: color infiltrates famille summerbelle]

[image above: more green from revival home]

[image above: keeping it neutral with studiobon]

[image above: madeley of chick print goes girlie with her nursery]


Someday I hope to have a girl and pick out the sweetest elements from these to use…
Thanks for the inspiration!


I love decrating nurseries. I feel they are easy because anything goes – color, elements, style – it provides a freedom to try anything and everything.


Makes me want another baby just to do a nursery is that wrong?


Thanks! for posting. Gives me some ideas for last minute touches on my nursery.


I love the unexpected colour combos- especially green and orange. I love the nurseries that look like a bed could be swapped in and no one would have suspected it was a nursery. Lotus Bleu’s room? Perfection.


Ha! These organized spaces are going to be a disaster once you let a toddler at them.


Loving the kids stuff! We’ve missed seeing baby things on d* during the last year or so. This is a great collection – a perfect mix of modern and traditional.



i’m sure we’ll have more baby things in the next 2 years or so. ac and i are planning on starting our only family in that time frame so i’m sure i’ll find a way to sneak more in without upsetting anyone without children. right now the vast majority of d*s readers (including 90% of our editors) don’t have children, so we focus on “adult” design for now ;)



Perfect post! I’m expecting my first little one in a few months — starting to think about nursery ideas!


I love the bicycle print from Mara of Dutch Door Press. Where do I get one of those?


WOW! I love them all but the top one and that adorable turquoise crib one in the middle make me want to go grab some paint, some vintage items and go to town on our little Bella’s nursery!! Thanks for this happy little post! :)


I’m loving white nurseries with lots of pops of color right now…and that green rocking chair with the sheep skin is really fantastic…about to decorate nursery #2 and a lot of these are great inspirations for rooms that grow with the kid.


Take it from me, the best nursery is one where the baby is sleeping in it.

From a sleep deprived mom


Gorgeous nurseries… But as the mom of a crawling 10-month old, you can kiss that beautiful pottery goodbye!! :)


I absolutely love to design kid’s rooms because you can be so whimsical. I saw a bright yellow fabric today at IKEA and thought it should go on a nursery chair.


Beautiful nurseries. I live in a one bedroom apartment and would love to see examples of nurseries for smaller spaces. Does anyone use room dividers, hanging fabric, closets, etc. to create a small space for a newborn in their bedroom or living room?

Marna Elizabeth

I was so glad to see this best of! I’m designing a friends nursery right now and I’m happy for the inspiration! I love to see nurseries that fit the style of the parents instead of the usual vintage cowboy or hot pink flowers…after all, the babies don’t care what their room looks like!


I love the print on the wall in the basak nursery; can anyone tell me where to find it? Thanks!

Elli Davis

Really lovely collection of nurseries. Couple years ago I was remodeling the room for my own children and I was seeking inspiration on the Internet. Its a shame I didn’t run into such a great source of inspiration like this back then.


lovely pictures, they are all super neat – a far cry from my children’s room most days!