sneak peek: best of cats

so monday went to the dogs, but today it’s all about the kitties! i’m a little prejudice here – i have two little beasties of my own (actually among all the design*sponge editors, there’s quite a number of kitties!) one of my favorite kitty characteristics is the way they’ll get comfortable anywhere but an actual cat bed! gotta love that stubborn mind! -amy a.

[image above: this lucky kitty lives with furniture designers bill hilgendorf and maria cristina rueda of uhuru, who built an awesome kittyloft in their brooklyn apartment.]

Monkey is the muse for her photographer next-door neighbor. She’s posing on her favorite chair beneath her own wall of photos in Melissa Mcclure’s L.A. loft!

in the winter, gink-go gets as close to the radiator as she can! from sneak peek jordan provost  and jason wong of enormous champion in brooklyn

michele michael and patrick moore of Elephant props have a very pet friendly home! their pooch made into best of dogs! And here’s kitty carl lazy in brooklyn!

CLICK HERE for many more cats!

homie looks innocent but immediately after this photo was taken he made a beeline for those freshly cut green plants. yum! he live in portland, oregon with julie dutton.

nino, a parisian cat who hails from avignon from sneak peek: catherine taret

mies has great taste in furniture from sneak peek: jean of eieio

at tonya and mike sutfin’s home in emeryville, ca, roosevelt makes an impressive guard cat at 19.5 pounds

keeping watch at photographer max wanger’s home in west hollywood.

the oscar (right) and emma (left) namesakes from karly and judd depew in columbus, ohio

just one of lauren naimola‘s four cats in her vintage-filled home.

yup! no cat bed for this dude! from sneak peek: maria vettese

babu, one of the printshop cats at tugboat print shop in pittsburgh, pa

relaxing in richenda brim‘s 580 square foot home.

hanging out on thomas wold‘s super cool bed – the headboard is made from two doors and one table.

enjoying the morning sun in diana toepfer’s kitchen in portland, maine.

oliver the cat sits below a painting that he inspired, “owl-cat.” (because his expression is like an owl’s!) from sneak peek: erica-lynn huberty.

hoping for a snack! from emira mears and her partner martin’s vancouver home

the best spot in the house! from sneak peek: christie chase’s home in downtown houston

comfortable with the flowers at designer caryn grossman’s elegant, atlanta home!

uma’s found a comfortable spot at tara hogan’s home

illustrator allison cole‘s loft pawtucket, rhode island

camouflage kitty! from sneak peek: asia gwis

sara and thor jensen‘s cat lounges in their old queens apartment.

grace and a.c. with turk and ms jackson! (ms jackson (in ac’s lap) and turk (in grace’s lap) from the d*s sneak peek!


As always, thanks for the inspiration. I’ll be linking to this post later this week!


My cat is the best thing about my apt and she’s more than happy to decorate it with her designer fur balls.


This is so wonderful, I love kitties all the time! You know what they say, home is where your cat is : )


So precious! Cats will definitely take over any spot in the house and make it their own:)


I so agree with Kelly I have a few designer fur balls of my own… Great post I just love cats


Aw, so many squishy cats. I love that monster Roosevelt!


Aw you guys just made my heart swell :)
I’m adopting a kitty when I move next month I’m so excited!

Lady Lauren

I agree with Sandra…

Cats make your home!
I have just got a new kitten Junko – he is loving being the king of the house now :)

Great post as ever DS!


j ‘ a d o r e les chats !!! all of them have something special and it’s difficult not to always…. get “just one more” ;)
Already two are sharing our house !

Alexandra Duron

love this post & love the cat pictures! (love my kitties too! :)


my cat loves her cat bed! :)

also, it was funny to go to the new york times website after this and spot the same cat on the yellow stairs! (in an article called “raising the bar on pet décor).


I saw the NYT feature this morning too. That yellow catwalk staircase is quite eye-catching!


I’d love to see some shots of the kittys’ potty areas! A little hard to look chic in that department…


Your kitty Ms. Jackson looks just like my kitty Merlin! Kitty roooomance…!


cute! I laughed at the long haired cat in the black upholstered chair…his owner was not amused, I reckon ;)

Bella Cicci - Sophie

Ho my god Love it! Cats are such cute.
We have so many pictures of ours too, Loula. They make our interior being so warm :)
I do remember some of those pictures I put in a “mood folder” of things I like:)
Thanks you


How come there is no calico cat represented? I call kitteh racism! :(


Oh I didn’t see this coming but thank you for sharing! They all look sweet and happy :)


Cats are just so regal and arrogant and act like they own their homes – I love it!


so rad – the cats get a feature! i love this, one of my favorite design sponge sneak peeks!!

Cat Sitter in the City

Have any of you Design Sponge readers ever used your cat as design inspiration? I actually chose to paint two rooms in my apartment Benjamin Moore’s Mocha Cream because the color matched my cat Charlotte’s belly fur!


This is awesome! I think we all got a glimpse of the REAL owners ;)


It’s amazing how many of the kitties match their decor! (Or is it vice versa?)


All I want for Christmas is a basket full of kittens! We only have one and my husband said “…no way man” boo. hissss.


Aww I love that you posted a picture of you guys with your cats too! My kitties favorite spot is my computer chair usually sitting behind me.. or they love the footstool they think is their own personal kitty chair or bunk beds if both are on and under it.


aghhhh!! so cute! makes me miss my old kitties so much… but this seriously made me chuckle. :)


Oh, I miss my indoor kitty so much! My boyfriend does not like cats, but he likes the dogs, horses and goats, so I’ll concede on that one. Cats are so delightful to have around though and just make themselves comfortable anywhere at all, and claim that spot as THEIRS! Even if the spot belongs to a human….like a lap!


yay!!!!! love this so much – so many amazing pics and thanks so much for including dear Uma.


One of my cats, Poppet, always has to be under a blanket any blanket, any where so we always have to e really careful what we sit on. Love all these pics in some really great homes, I love that a cat can be comfortable just about anywhere, thanks, Cate

Oscar & Emma - Karly

Love this post! Thank you so much for including Oscar & Emma. They are both thrilled! I think Oscar has already developed a crush on some of the other little kitties :)


Great cat pictures!

Anzelina mentioned kitty potties…I really WOULD love to see them…if anyone has special ways to camouflage the litter box.


@Cat Sitter in the City – When we got a new sofa and chaise a few years ago, we found that the green upholstery matches our Russian Blue’s eyes to perfection! Guests always comment on. Kitty thinks we bought the furniture for her, of course. =)


I second what the gal above said about the potty area. Do these design saavy peeps have any tips on litter box maintenance/ appearance. We hide ours on the third floor but we’d like to also use that space as something other than turdsville, usa for our kitties, Bruce and Bea.


I love your blog, the cats are wonderful, can I send a picture of my cats?


Just found this thread, but love that you took the time to celebrate the furry loves in our lives. I think that Roosevelt and my cat Sir must have been separated at birth as they look identical, but Sir is 23 pounds!

Chica, Cienna, and Cali

we love, love , love your blog and we just chanced upon it! You gotta visit our space and swap howdies with us …..we are as lovely as your furry friends posted here! :)