sneak peek: best of bathrooms


when pulling together this compilation of the best bathrooms i was shocked at how many great ones people have shared in their sneak peeks. bathrooms usually don’t get much attention or fanfare, but this post is devoted to one of the more intimate spaces in your home and different ways you can spruce up your space. and don’t miss the second bathroom post (going up tomorrow!) devoted to bathrooms with gorgeous clawfoot tubs! -anne

[image above: emmersonmade makes clean, simple white so pretty]

[image above: jessica helgerson interior design‘s pattern and color]

[image above: jill roberston of office‘s bathroom – because every bathroom deserves a ladder!]

[image above: sarah of cursive design shows how to have fun with hand-painted faux-wallpaper]

[image above: annie coggan‘s multiple mirrors]

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[image above: meredith kleinman‘s orla kiely inspired bathroom]

[image above: meredith kleinman‘s outdoor bathroom. swoon]

[image above: something’s hiding in here faux wood panels]

[image above: maria of vintage simple‘s clean white palette]

[image above: another jessica helgerson project]

[image above: eleanor grosch‘s bold green walls]

[image above: sabrina of hello lucky‘s art gallery tub]

yaling of flowie style incorporates her own fabric into her bathroom]

[image above: more classic white from the brooklyn home company]

[image above: jeremy mcelwain proves what a simple coat of paint and a fun shower curtain can do for a bathroom]

[image above: jill elliott sones’ of fossil polka dots and vintage sign make you smile]

[image above: beatrice peltre uses yellow towels to liven up the space]

[image above: lauren bradshaw proves that bathrooms don’t have to have light walls]

[image above: samantha of style/SWOON uses tile for pattern and texture]

[image above: who says you can’t put a chandelier in a bathroom? kelly teasley]

[image above: asia gwis‘s bathroom minimalism]

[image above: nina gotlieb‘s bathroom has a whole different feel]

[image above: nina of dwellstudio‘s color and pattern]

[image above: atypyk‘s fixtures go a long way]

[image above: nancy neil’s bathroom feels like any room of the house]


There’s just nothing better than a sexy bathroom. Except maybe a sexy kitchen.


Oh thnk you so so much for the woderful photos and ideas! Lots of ideas!! Now I’m so inspired to make something special in my bathroom :)


It’s interesting that there are three turquoise bathrooms. Surprising, but they look sweet. I love the black bathroom.


I’ve been waiting for this one since you started the best-of series. We have 3 bathrooms that need redecorating in our house and these are great inspiration!

Laura K. Aiken

WOW these will fit anyones budget. I love the yellow and also the lime green. I even notice a beautiful mosaic tile floor to match the shower curtain. Really like all of these.

Becks Chic Life

Love it! Thanks for putting this together, there are so many great ideas I am getting from viewing! I have a thing for bathrooms … weird I know!

Linda Hunt

That was very enjoyable to look at all those nice bathroom designs. I have always loved a pretty bathroom. Thanks!


I love the bathroom with the subway tile and dark grout. I like the contrast and think the ruffled curtain is great. But most of all I think the use of the hospital track instead of curtain rod is just brilliant.


I don’t like to post negative comments, but some of this is just ridiculous. But that said, lots and lots of it is quite inspiring. I guess it’s all a matter of tastes.



what’s ridiculous about these? blanket statements like that always beg for more detail…



These are all great images; bathrooms are sometimes the hardest thing to look pretty! I’m loving the one with all the storage in the walls.


I’m so glad you’ve decided to post this, because whenever you post sneak peeks, the bathrooms are always the room I first look for! It’s a girly place to decorate, so I always have the most fun with it… Needless to day, I’M IN LOO HEAVEN with this post!


The photos with the framed pictures over the bathtub and the on with the handbags – how do they stop things going mouldy from all the steam in the bathroom? I would love to have framed photos in my bathroom but I’m too worried about the humid conditions destroying them.


Paper Dolls for Boys, I love your little undercloset bathroom! Soo very too cute! Where are the phototiles from? I’m thinking they could be cute in our sunroom/ the doggies’ playroom.


Oo, and I forgot to mention, our little bathroom/ laundry is painted in Dulux Sea Paint – an insane, intense turquoise. And so many people have said how much they love it. I definitely recommend the bright bathroom.


Love the aqua walls, the Japanese outdoor bathroom, the wall with the collection of framed mirrors, and that fantastic layered shower curtain – very sleek. Gorgeous collection yet again :)


Thank you for this post! I am moving into a new rental & am just getting done painting (had to do all white) but I also needed some massive inspiration, so this was lovely to see.


Beautiful bathrooms, these photos encouraged me to do some remodelling in my hopeless bathroom which is the size of a shoe box.


I think what Joseph meant was that some of these are unrealistic and he couldn’t see them working in an everyday bathroom. Like hanging pictures in your bathtub….


I always love the idea of an outdoor bathroom. It’s just beautiful! Maybe when I win the lotto and build a vacation home somewhere in the tropics…

Kim at sassysistervintage on Etsy

We’re getting ready to remodel our 2 bathrooms in our 1950s house. I’m looking for ideas and these pics definitely are inspiring….everything from the shower curtains to the wall paper. Thanks!


Love these bathrooms! So inspirational for someone who just bought an old house and is trying to rehab. One question that I’ve been trying to answer in all these: where do you put your toothbrush and toothpaste? I’m all about looks, but it’s got to be super functional too! :)



Loving the outdoor round bath tub and the blue and brown bathroom is gorgeous!

BCS Panels

Some lovely examples of well designed bathrooms there, really helps to see such a great selection of possible design ideas.


Love these quirky designs, they really reflect the personal style and taste of the designers.


So many great bathroom designs and some are not that difficult to implement! I like bright colors the most, because it creates energising atmosphere and you feel refreshed.

Emma Clemantine

Awesome designs Anne. I was searching for some classy designs from last so many months, but I think your post gives me everything what I really expected. Thank you so much sharing such a informative post with us.