simply color: morgan satterfield

Isn’t this kitchen so fresh with its minimal decoration and mid-century modern charm? That sea mist green looks amazing with the white cabinets, black floors, silver accents, and hints of yellow and peach. I love how the countertop is free of clutter, giving the color the attention it deserves! This home belongs to the wonderful, Morgan Satterfield. The rest of her house is equally as stunning, be sure to check it out. —Lauren

Palette 1:
A) Lemon Zest (Behr), PMS Yellow B) Beluga (Behr), PMS Black C) Sea Mist Green (Benjamin Moore), PMS 571 D) Sunset Strip (Behr), PMS 162 E) Ozark Shadows (Benjamin Moore), PMS Warm Gray 4

emma lamb

hehe Lauren ~ snap!
…and oh how i wish my kitchen was as beautifully uncluttered at this one! a wonderful palette too… :)
emma x


I love the Brick House beyond measure – it changed my whole perception of home-personality and style. The blog is a must-follow!


I really love these columns–extremely helpful in putting color schemes together.


This green is my absolute favorite color right now. So 1950s, I can’t take it!

P.S. When I saw that first photo, I made that whining “mmm” sound that little puppies make.

Anna @ D16

To expand on Color Collective’s comment: VCT stands for “vinyl composite tile” which is readily available for about $1 per 12″ square tile at any home store. It’s thicker and more rigid than peel-and-stick vinyl, and must be applied with a separate adhesive. It comes in a multitude of colors.

I have the same flooring in my kitchen (also in black), and it’s wonderful. Very low-maintenance (unless you want it super-shiny), and ultra-durable — this is the exact same type of flooring you see in cafeterias and hospitals.


My counter is the same exact thing. It is such a fun color to live with.


It’s a really pretty jumping off point, but there isn’t even a soap dispenser. It’s missing the soul of a cook.

Dana Barbieri

Please don’t be offended but when I saw the first photo I thought it was going to be the before of a before and after kitchen makeover OR a pic of kitchen in a house that was up for sale so they removed any trace of life.


I really like those old countertops (and I love that color). I think some company is bringing them back but I’m not sure of the info. Has anyone recently put them in?