simply color: eleanor grosch

The colors in Eleanor Grosch’s house are both practical and fun. I’ve become such a fan of having two stripes of color on the walls, and she couldn’t have picked a lovelier combo than the mint and moss greens. The turquoise and yellow walls in the kitchen and bedroom are so cheerful, and with red and brown accents, this home = perfection. —Lauren

Image 1:
A) Asparagus (Behr), PMS 578 B) Mint Frappe (Behr), PMS 573 C) Techno Gray (Sherwin-Williams), PMS Warm Gray 2 D) Fresh Peaches (Behr), PMS 712 E) Chivalry Copper (Behr), PMS 153

Image 2:
A) Seafoam Green (Benjamin Moore), PMS 317 B) Baby Chick (Benjamin Moore), PMS 109 C) Cinnamon Brandy (Behr), PMS 1535 D) Gem Turquoise (Behr), PMS 319 E) Tomato Red (Benjamin Moore), PMS 173

Casa e Cose

love the curtains that fall all the way and longer then to the floor, the colors are beautifull and i want the bread box!

emma lamb

oh Lauren! waht are you doing to me… these are absolutely gorgeous… !
a fabulous day to you… :)
emma x


Love these rooms! Are the pillowcases on the sofa a sheet pattern? If so, where are they available?


I love the photos and colors you choose for your column. So inspiring! How do you get the PMS colors; using some kind of converter-widget-thingy, or by old-fashioned eyeballing?

Karen Price

I have been looking for a bird sculpture like the one on your wall for years? Where did you get?