new julia rothman patterns

if julia rothman had a fan club i would definitely be one of the officers. i think i’d make a good secretary, but i’d be right up there with the president in terms of fan-dom. i’ve loved her work since i first saw it back in 2007 and even made my first trip to surtex just to see her work in person. since then her career has really taken off and she’s become not only one of my favorite artists, but one of my favorite people. julia just released a huge new collection of patterns and i’m in heaven because i haven’t seen a large collection of her pattern work for a while. i’m partial to the darker hues above and below, but you can check out the full range of new designs right here. thanks, julia!

CLICK HERE for 6 more new patterns from julia after the jump!

[image above: you might recognize the print above from amy’s “past & present: ironstone” post!]

sylvie of silver lining

julia’s new prints are terrific…the sweet florals, romantic interiors, charming dinnerware and everything in between…these would be fantastic accent pillows, tea towels and duvet covers. love!

sylvie of silver lining

Teresa's Terrariums

Grace, I think it was your love of Julia that made me love your site. I’ve been a fan of Julia since seeing a printed pillow on a friends sofa years ago.

Before I moved to SF this past fall I was in NYC. During 07 &08 I had a horrible job and this site kept me sane. I’d come here for a dose of beauty and whimsy – coming here makes me feel like I am in a Rothman print – a world of wiggly lines and fun colors with no skeevy bosses.

Thank You


these are deliciously retro 1970’s! They’re really great and I especially love the first one!


a friend turned my on to julia rothman and i can’t get enough of her style! i think she is amazing and her ideas are just perfect! she has a great eye for pattern!!


I am loving it all to death! I want the print of the ladies in my bathroom.


I love her style — excited to see these new patterns. Love them.


I love them, especially the new birds/butterflies/flowers on the gray ground…if you started a fan culb, I would definitely join!


LOVE her! I actually JUST purchased a yard of her gray Daydream wallpaper (I know it’s an older pattern, but I just could never get over it) for a dresser re-do like the one you posted a while ago. Thanks for tempting me with more patterns already ;)