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morning eye candy: the capitol saddlery building

by Grace Bonney

i’m getting ready to hop on a plane to virginia for the weekend, so i’m trying to zen-out (i’m a horrible flier) by imagining i’m lounging in this amazing austin building instead. housed in the old capitol saddlery building, this residence (3 beds, 5476 sq ft) is now for sale (have an extra $4.4 million burning a hole in your pocket?), and was passed on to me by d*s reader rachel farris. that kitchen in this space is blowing my mind with its eclectic/rustic feel. can i come stay for a bit, please? i’d be happy to cook in that kitchen as my payment…click here for more pictures from this beautiful, very eclectic space.

*ps: that amazing elevator? oh man, can you imagine having that in your home? insane.

CLICK HERE for more photos of this amazing austin home after the jump!

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  • Makes me nostalgic and wishing I had the cash – we bought all of our tack there when I was a young horse-y girl – love the location and the look – maybe I’ll play the Lotto this weekend.

  • really fabulous…lush and rustic at the same time. I find both the color and neutral palettes really, really gorgeous.

  • I love! this building! The stripes are so much fun, but I could never pull them off at my house. Thanks for sharing these photos. Such a cool place.

  • I drove by this place every single day and had absolutely no idea that it was so amazing inside!

  • amazing space! i love the mix of industrial and rustic and luxe and the colors are fantastic.
    although, after ten years in ny, i can’t imagine living in such a big space! my new place in philly (about 1200 square feet) seems massive to me!

  • Rachel Farris, the reader who submitted the piece.

    My mom and I used to go in on Saturday mornings and smell the leather (the old tack shop was an Austin institution).

    The designer/owner (?) is Joel Mozersky of One Eleven Design, based in Austin (my mom tracked it down). They have more photos on their Facebook page of this building and other work they’ve done around Austin and beyond. It’s all AMAZING. Austinites will recognize a lot of public spaces in their portfolio (The Belmont, Uchi, Red House, on and on).

    My mom and I went gaga when we saw this building (passed on to me from a realtor friend, honestly I wasn’t looking at $4.4M houses!) and spent an afternoon speculating via email what it is used for, as the designer actually has another residence in another part of Austin that is 1950’s-style. My mom and I decided that it might be a crash pad he uses for guests and clients, as three of his clients are the Dixie Chicks!

    Anyway, I’m glad you all love it. A first-time homebuyer, I just bought a bright orange house in East Austin and keep a blog about it — http://meanrachel.tumblr.com. And while I lovelovelove the Capitol Saddlery building, I wouldn’t trade my little orange house for the world!


    One Eleven Design:

    One Eleven on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/One-Eleven-Design/111204622222947?ref=ts

  • Don’t kill me guys — this TOTALLY reminds me (this being a *much* nicer more decorated version) of Tyler Durden’s house in Fight Club.

  • That place is gorgeous, and I love that they didn’t screw it up by overdecorating inside!

    By the way, that huge boot reminds me of the 300lb one they found on an episode of American Pickers. :)

  • I walk by this building on my way to work every single day. It was empty and pigeon infested for many years. I had fantasies of buying it and turning it into a boutique hotel. Of course, not too long after I had that brilliant idea, I saw a permit on the door indicating that someone had purchased it. I love what they’ve done with it, but I still think a boutique hotel would’ve been a much better use of the space.

  • Up until about three years ago, that building was a working shoe/boot repair shop and it had the most wonderful old leather smell. They turned it into a pretty cool home (oh, that kitchen!), but I wish it was still Capitol Saddlery — I haven’t found another shoe repair place in town that compares. Sigh.

  • Wow….this is insanely awesome. Also have to mention I’m a horrible flier too. Lots of Dramamine is key.

  • I thought that boot looked familiar! I have lived in Austin most of my life and had no idea there was a house in there. I’m crazy about those French doors and wood floors!!

  • Oh my gosh! I’ve lived in Austin my whole life, and I never knew what was in there. How neat!

  • It was so sad when Capital Saddlery closed, but I have to say, this makes it slightly worse. Can’t understand the love for this, it’s overdone and patched together. More is not always more.

  • Even with the amount of money and new development pouring into Austin in the last 15 years, it is still pretty unusual to see truly innovative design – especially within an old, industrial space like this. SO exciting to see this starting to happen here. I think there are still a lot of hidden treasures like this in Austin.

  • I see the allure, but the opulence is kind of a turn off. A lot of money was thrown around here and that, rather than style, is what I see first.

  • One of the few things I miss about Texas is the traditions of artistry like saddlery. several generations of my husbands family went to capitol saddlery and I went by this building regularly when I was in college – it sat between the 2 campuses I attended and my parent’s offices. There were some truly amazing finds there and the smell of old leather was always comforting.

    While I love the look – I wish the original business was intact.

  • Thank you for sending this in, Rachel! I was lucky enough to work on this building with an incredible client with an amazing vision, Giselle Koy. We had a great time working on it, and it is truly a great space to be in. Thank you to all of you who said such nice things!

  • Rachel and Grace-
    I too am from Austin and this is one of those little hidden gems Austin often has. I never knew this was a home! Thanks for sharing. And of course, after reading, it is Joel’s home,-he is a master!

  • except for a few impossibly awful built-in coffin/daybeds(i saw a blue and a brown), this is a wonderful space with a sort of renaissance feeling to all those multi-purpose rooms.

  • Rachel thank you for posting. I was lucky enough to work on this with an amazing client, Giselle Koy, whose vision was amazing, and we had a great time working on it together.

  • It’s not like any space I’ve ever seen before. Beautiful. It’s so refreshing to see someone work with what is there (real wood) instead of just painting it and calling it design.

  • amazing.

    i wonder if/how i could get my smooth new walls to look something like these beautiful scraped up aged ones?!

  • @kaye – I thought the exact same thing! The kitchen shot especially reminds me of Fight Club =)

    I’m a new resident in Austin, I’ll have to keep an eye out for this place! It’s beautiful and inspiring, but I think I’d be lonely/scared living in such a big space!

  • This home is hard to pin down for me. In the photos here, it looks amazing. In the actual slideshow, though, it isn’t nearly as charming. The faux finishing and distressed surfaces look heavy-handed and clumsy. There are a few tacky touches like pelts and a mirrored wall. It’s hard to tell if the photos here are particularly good or if the others are unfairly bad but overall, the feeling is a bit too much like someone run amok in ABC Carpet and Home and Pier One.

  • I can NOT believe what that place has morphed into. I used to have shoes repaired there. Whodathunkit!

  • Fantastic !! Love the colour and the mix of old and luxe…not too serious….highly desirable ! One of best home online i have seen….

  • For those of you that have mentioned it–Capitol Saddlery has not closed, they moved a year or so ago to a location on 183 just east of Burnet.

    The design is great, but I’m curious about who would pay that much money to live in that location…

  • YAY!! Oh how I love my Austin. And the cool thing is there is so much to this city that you just never know such a cool building like this exists. Love love love this home and not just because it’s in Austin. Thanks for posting…

  • The best part is the view of the capital building from the kitchen sink. Also love that courtyard.

  • This is absolutely my DREAM – the charm and rustic feel of it are just incredible. Some details aside, overall the vibe and atmosphere are amazing and I cannot stop LOOKING!

  • Holy cow–beautiful!…Serious bucks must have been spent here by Ms Koy. Does being a “professional muse” pay that well? If so, sign me up! :)