living in: fried green tomatoes


Many, many hearty thanks to the lovely and talented Amy Azzarito for making such a sweet living in post while I was having a blissful few days away from the computer. I mean, I love y’all, but even in the best of relationships, a girl needs some space. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that?

I digress. Fried Green Tomatoes is genuine sweetness personified and that’s what we’re here to talk about. The sweet, sentimental, southern goodness of baking pies and scraping knees and traveling a bumpy road with someone you love. (Insert possible gagging noise from sweetness overload.)

iron skillet $11, apple pie recipe, vintage farmhouse dress $88, large wood spoon $7, spice tins $13, tomato plants $19, belfast oxfords $39, elmira reproduction range $7100, mason cash ceramic mixing bowls $30.

But that’s okay. Even the less sweetly inclined can’t turn down the idea of goofing off in the kitchen with your best girlfriend (or your actual girlfriend, depending on if you, ahem, read the book) and hopping trains and midnight lake swims and honey freshly dug from a hive. Or best of all some darn tasty fried green tomatoes. -amy m.

pendleton lambswool throw $75, straw bowler hat $48, mason jar beverage dispenser $69, vintage lee overalls $185, mason jar glasses $22 for 12, vintage picnic basket $50, carlisle raw wildflower honey $13.75, honey dipper $1.95.


So happy to see this! I remember thinking I’d love to see this in Living In. Every time I watch it, I want to travel to the south and eat pie in a cute old-fashioned diner.

Also, I’ve been looking for one of those mason jar beverage dispensers! Can’t wait to get one and fill it with cold water and cucumber slices!

Sara L.

Am I remembering a different movie? Wasn’t there someone killed by a train when his foot got caught in the tracks, and an abusive husband cooked and served up with the ribs? Not exactly sweetness personified. Great “Living In” though.

Color Collective

Ah, I love this movie!! Makes me want to watch it again. And I adore all your finds to go with this movie too–the honey is a great touch!


I have been watching this movie nonstop this summer. The beauty, era and sweetness of it just makes me happy. I was going to ask to see if you would do one! Good to see you have :)


Loved this. I live in the city where the “real” Whistlestop Cafe is.



This is just lovely! I’ve watched the film so many times. You’ve captured the essence perfectly.


would you believe that last weekend mary stuart masterson sat right behind me at a restaurant in charleston! love the movie fried green tomatoes!


too fun. I live a few miles from the actual fried green tomatoes restaurant. still havent been though.


I love this movie. I live maybe 20 minutes from where they filmed it in Georgia. The Whistle Stop is still serving food and it is amazing. I love fried green tomatoes. Great post

Laura K. Aiken

Oh Amy thank you for this post. I love the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” and too lived in Georgia close to the original filming at one time. I also have the movie. This has just given me tons of inspiratation!
I hate tomatoes but love Fried Green!


Oh! I love love love this book (and the recipes in the back.) I am not a huge fan of the movie but your living in is awesome! I am tempted to go pull half my tomatoes off the vine to fry them.


Yes! One of my all time favorite movies that I never get tired of watching….thanks for this one….


Great color palette and visuals as usual, Amy! It is interesting to see that, even with all the darker elements to the story, you focused on the love and friendship aspect. But I guess that’s what it’s all about in the end!


such a visually beautiful movie and you captured that right here — so lovely and one of my all time favs. the secret’s in the sauce! ;)


I almost had a heart attack when I loaded the page and saw Fried Green Tomatoes was the subject of Living In. Everything about this is perfect. I didn’t think it was possible to love Design Sponge even more but you have solidified your spot as my favorite thing ever. it’s even better than pizza.


one of my all time fav. movies.! great round up of inspiration. I’ll be dreaming of picnics and pies!


I actually made the fried green tomatoes recipe from the back of the book. My family thought they were okay. We weren’t blown away, so I’ve never re-made.

Maybe it’s a southern thing? Maybe I didn’t do something right?
I was underwhelmed. But the book and movie is great! I can’t say enough good things about Fannie Flag. (And she’s still writing books for those of you who enjoy reading.)


This is one of my all time favorite movies…this post of yours is incredible. I do a lot of movie/fashion parallels., so I love. I did an ode to Clueless the other day. XOXO V

Lindsey Elisabeth

Oh man! We’re bidding on an old farm house right now and I want this collection to be my life! The hats and shoes! What I wouldn’t give for that stove…

This is such a perfect interpretation of the movie and now I’m going to have to go rent this for the first time in ages.


Love, Love Love! Such a great film and an awesome roundup to match! Great choice Miss Amy!


I had just finished watching this movie and had to smile when this came up in my inbox. Thank you for the lovely posts.


visiting the town this movie was filmed in is on my list of things to do before i die :) forget visit, maybe i’ll just up and move there :)


oh! I LOVE this film and book both how cool. I need that2nd collection, oh I love everything in it.

Nickie Frye

$185 for those vintage overalls?! Sheesh! I have vintage Sears overalls in my shop right now for $32. Otherwise, fabulous post. :)


Oh my. This is one of my favorite movie, so glad to see it for a ‘living in’.
thank you!

Chris Young

Fried Green Tomatoes was filmed in my hometown! The restaurant was always there and is still running and cooking up their fried tomatoes. Lovely suprise to see on Design Sponge!


A few days ago I was watching this movie and my husband said he wanted to change the channel. He’ll often say he doesn’t want to watch a movie because he doesn’t like “where it takes him” or vice versa. I said “I love where this movie takes me, I’d love to live there” and he set the remote down. To be honest this post is freaking me out a little since I said that last weekend, but I am moving in!! Amazing.


One of my favorite movies of all time. and I’m surprised see how many people share the same love for it.

Hopefully one day I’ll take my family there to try out the fried green tomatoes from the real restaurant.

This post makes me want to get a pair of overalls like Idgy Threadgood the bee charmer.

Awesome Post!


MB – For great fried green tomatoes marinate the sliced green tomatoes in buttermilk seasoned with salt, pepper and hot sauce. They can soak for a few hours. Dredge in flour and cornmeal seasoned with salt, pepper cayenne pepper and then fry. Good luck!


goodness gracious do I LOVE this movie! So happy to see it here on “living in”

Martha Kenyon

Lovely! Please can you do a ‘living in’ for The Lives of Others? Please?


If you sliced my brain in half, you would find the world of Fried Green Tomatoes…J’adore this film and everything associated with it. Thankyou DS*

gayle australia

must be one of those movies – my daughter and i were just talking about THAT scene in the car park last week. i’m going to get that movie out again – will be maybe the 5th time i’ve watched it. just know i’m going to cry again. TOWANDA!!!!


Love Fried Green Tomatoes…Visited Juliette several years ago and had the fried green tomatoes. Honestly I prefer Mary Mac’s in Atlanta. I live only a few miles from where they filmed Kathy Bates’ scene at the grocery store. The grocery store is no longer there but it always tickles me to see the familiar shopping center on the movie.


Thank you, I love the style in this movie. Is there a forum to suggest others? How about “Enchanted April”?


ooh yes for Enchanted April! I agree, those overalls are ridiculously priced! So the town is Juliette, GA?

Emily Greene

The movie was filmed in Juliette, Georgia, and there is a Whistle Stop Cafe there, but the original Whistle Stop Cafe is in Irondale, Alabama, just outside of Birmingham, where Fanny Flagg is from. The cafe is still there, and is called the Irondale Cafe. I have had fried green tomatoes there, and didn’t think they were the best, but the Birmingham area has some amazing ones to be found!


This was one of my favorite movies as a kid along with a league of their own and another Mary Stuart Masterson flick, Benny and June.


I too love this movie! I read the book. But I don’t remember, was Idgy gay? I always wondered if she was.


Oh, I loved this and it’s been years since I’ve seen it. What a great film and I love that you thought to profile it. Next, how about “A Trip to Bountiful”?


I was so happy to see this film featured as a Living In. I am so happy you chose this movie – my favorite! Wonderfully done!



I have always found comfort in the kitchen scene especially when they are baking pies.

Sarahbeth Larrimore

I heart you so big right now. I love this “lived in” being a southern designin’ gal, I was just hoping you’d get around to Ruth and Idgie one day. It’s great – thanks!


This is just gorgeous, and I’ve seen it more than once posted by my friends on facebook today.
I’m watching The Brothers Bloom right now, and it is so pretty! I would love a “living in” The Brothers Bloom. And I would especially like a Brothers Bloom-inspired wardrobe…


I can’t believe I missed this when it first came out–this is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIES. Thank you so much for including it. :D