kiki la ru cake bunting

ok, so i’ll admit that this comes from the files of “adorable, but not necessary”. but does that bother me? not at all. i really, really love small decorative details when it comes to setting a great table and these sweet handmade cake bunting designs from dawn at kiki la ru are perfection. made with vintage and re-used fabrics, this adorable debut line of bunting would be perfect for a birthday party, homespun wedding, or, in my case, a “i made a cake because i wanted to eat frosting” occasion. click here to check out and shop dawn’s beautiful bunting designs on etsy ($21-$26 each). thanks, dawn!

ginny branch stelling

i love this! so simple and sweet, will have to give this a diy try!


I’ll admit that I wasn’t a huge bunting fan at first but lately have been totally in love with all things bunting! These photos are just lovely!


love this! and such well styled photos. thanks for the heads up. makes me want to have a party!


That is so cute it BECOMES necessary – with an 8 and 9 year old looking over my shoulder, you have no idea how necessary it now is, whether I think so or not.


I love this post. I love the dainty cake flags and the way that velvet looks on the cake! Great ideas!


Ummm, in what way isn’t this necessary? I don’t understand! Anything that cute is ABSOLUTELY necessary!


I just sat down to “rest my weary feet” after hosting my daughter’s 4th birthday – and what do I find? Proof that I have, again, done it all wrong and have found the perfect cake just hours too late…sigh…well, I’ll try again when other daughter has a b-day in Sept – but she will be eight and has opinions…we’ll see – gorgeous, anyway!


That last occasion for eating cake that you mentioned is a familiar one for me. :)
I’ll have to try making some of this bunting though. It takes cute and bunting to a new level. I knew bunting could be used for everything but I didn’t really know EVERYTHING.


i love this.isaw it on Etsy yesterday and although i don`t eat cake myself (i`ve lost 5 stones and i am determined to keep it off)i will be buying it just for the look of it on others cake …so pretty