fall preview: thomas paul

i always go back and forth about posting previews of collections. part of me wants to see things as soon as possible and get excited about their launch and the other part wants to wait until they’re available to buy. today the preview-loving part of me won and i’m sharing a little peek at thomas paul’s fall 2010 collection, which will be in stores soon (these won’t be on the website yet, sorry). i’m sooo loving the metallic collection (polka dots!) and the colorful “mod mex” collection that i couldn’t resist sharing. hope you’ll enjoy the peek as much as i did.

*ps: how cute is that octopus shower curtain? i’m excited to see thomas moving into the bath market some…

image above: reversible alpaca throws


OMG I love the shower curtain….where can we buy??????????



this is fall 2010 merch so it won’t be out until fall. you can check the thomas paul site for a list of retailers in your area. though i imagine this will be available at the usual suspects online: velocity art and design, design public, 2modern, etc.



Yes, the shower curtain is adorable, but I’m loving the pillows even more! Let us know when the website is up and running!


Hey everyone, actually the Octopus shower curtain is available right now on Velocity and 2Modern, everything else will be around in September. Thank you you all.

sylvie of silver lining

as if i needed another excuse to be more in love with thomas paul’s marvelous pieces {we have a pair of his graphic floral silk pillows}…this fall 2010 collection is wonderful in every way. i am equally obsessed with the metallic dots pillows..and the pop hued chevron prints..and the mod mex. love, love , love.
sylvie of silver lining


LOVE thomas paul- however, just a heads up, it seems a lot (all?) of his stuff is manufactured in India and there are issues with imports right now- I ordered a rug at the end of May and still haven’t received it- I’ve been told it won’t ship until August.



Our rugs are produced under license with another company, they are hand made in limited quantities, so they do sell out and it sometimes takes a few weeks or months until a particular style is back in stock. The items posted here are produced directly by us, we usually have a good stock of pillows available.


Isn’t that same shower curtain design available right now through Anthropologie as window curtains? I saw them and immediately became obsessed and am devising a way to make them myself.


@Erinn, I also had the sliding shower door problem. A tension rod with shower curtain hung slightly above and in front of it improved my bath aesthetics (and mood) considerably!


Oh, gosh, that first picture is simply beautiful. Purple and gray? Totally my colors. ;D


Oh my gosh, FALL preview. Just caught that….nooo!

Seriously though, I love the curtain, and those lovely pillows! The colourful ‘Mexican papercut’ ones…so gorgeous. Gives me printing inspiration~




That is the best tub ever! Love the traditional tub on the modern wood legs. Does anyone know anything about it?


Papel Picado Pillows! Holy Crap those are fantastically awesome!


I hope the polka dot pillows are available somewhere soon! I haven’t seen them yet.