by Grace Bonney

i’ve always had a soft-spot for water colors. it was one of the areas of fine art i could never master in college, despite endless practice and lots of effort. i just didn’t have the finesse needed to make watercolors look fluid and beautiful. so whenever i see someone working with watercolors in a modern way i smile, because i love that smooth, watery feeling that you get with those paints. so when i heard from brooklyn-base artist anne-claire rohe i was excited to see that same fluid feel to her work. anne-claire works with indigo-colored ink and water to create these minimalist pieces she sells from her etsy shop. each piece is unique and i love the gentle flowing feeling she’s captured in such a pretty color. anne-claire’s works sell for $32 each right here at her etsy shop. i love how simply and elegant they are- thanks for sharing, anne-claire!

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