diy project: kat’s love logs

i am always on the lookout for good gift ideas, and i think i can add these adorable love logs to the list. they look super easy to create and have great versatility: with a simple hole in the back it is easy to hang on a wall, or you can prop one on a desk or shelf as a little art object. you could even drill down into the top and make it a little vase! using a wood burning tool may seem intimidating, but it’s actually quite an easy tool to master, and i encourage you to buy one because they are useful for many different projects. you can see more of kat’s love logs on her etsy shop, where they are available for sale. thanks, kat! -kate

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- sustainable birch from fallen trees and branches (you can buy these from here or here. you can find also birch at local craft stores or on etsy as well)

– soldering iron or wood burning tool (you can find these at craft stores and some hardware stores)

– hand saw, table saw, or chop saw (you can also ask a local wood shop of they will cut them for you)


1. Cut birch pieces to desired size and shape. We used our monstrous table saw, but  it could also be done with a hand saw.

2. Use soldering iron or wood burning kit (very similar to a soldering iron) to burn message into your birch log.
3. If so desired, drill hole in back of logs to hang your little love log forest. Desk and tabletop space is at a premium in our house, so we hung ours on the wall.


That is really a wonderful, yest simple use of wood. It is always nice to use natural products in home. Thanks for the tip

Kim Schweitzer

I love birch. There is something so warm and romantic about it. If I ever finish my basement and get the wood burning fireplace I so long for this is one project I will be putting to use. I love it.


this is great! i have a wood burning tool i’ve only used once for a project. i need to break it out again.

creative oneders

Well done you!
omg how cute are these??
Oh dear…..something else I have to collect for future use….who’s gonna tell my hubby?
NO-ONE eh?


we live in the forrest, so tomorrow I’m going for a walk to find some nice wood for this great DIY idea. Thanks again!


oh cute! I wonder if the same idea could be adapted with corks. How cute would they be as gift tags?!


Great project! What is the holder for the woodburner called, and where did you get it? I so need one!!!!