diy project: karen’s mirrored planter box

this mirrored planter reminds me how much i like dollar stores, where it seems like every aisle calls out with its potential for creative projects. karen at the art of doing stuff is well aware of this goldmine; her projects often utilize inexpensive materials to create something rad. this time she managed to score these mirrored squares and turn them into modern, clean vases.  i like to have a running list of quick projects to do when time is limited, or just to pick me up when i feel bored or glum. this project is a perfect solution for a rainy day, and if you fill it with a string of pearls or another draping plant, the reflection will give you two plants for one! HERE is the full set of instructions, including some more how-to images. thanks for sharing this clever project with us, karen! -kate


LOVE karen’s blog. i especially love her dollar store projects!


I’m a big fan of any DIY that involves a hot glue gun and the mirrored planter boxes are adorable! I’ll be gluin’ up some of these ASAP…well ASAP as soon as I have a place to put them.


omg i love dollar stores for unexpected craft supplies! i actually own a bunch of these mirror squares that i use as coasters! lol
they also work great for any blogging photoshoots as i’ll sometimes place the object i’m photographing on a square to add depth, interest, & glamor! :)
i will have to try this


I adore this! These would make the perfect centerpieces for a glam wedding…add some candles and it would sparkle beautifully.


These are fantastic! I love Karen’s blog as well, but had missed these – thank you for sharing them here!

Megan Floyd

Crazily, I think I have enough little mirrors stuffed in a box with candle supplies that I could make this today!


Love these! BTW, what plant is being grown in that top picture up there? I’ve been looking for a nice drapey sort of indoor plant to grow for a while. Very pretty!

The Art of Doing Stuff

Hi all! Thanks for the nice comments! Bethany – the plants are Baby Tears. I LOVE them. Really bright green and drapey. DON’T let them dry out though. They’ll croak instantly.


Baby Tears – sounds very…sad. lol Thanks for the tip! This just might be the plant for me!


I just got 20 of these mirrors for $.56 at Steinmart, i’m gonna make 4 boxes and put fresh kitchen plants in them so I can display them in the kitchen and use it to cook!


Absolutely lovely. I can’t wait to make mine. Baby tears r perfect. I love dollar store’s, too. Cactus plants would also be perfect for those non green thumbers. Thx for sharing.