designer throws a party: “tomandjessfest”

i always feel like the heavens have somehow aligned when two talented artists end up together. the amount of talent and creativity in their households must be off the charts. so when i heard from photography (and recipe contributor!) stacy newgent about the engagement party she shot for tom and jess (a graphic designer and architect) i couldn’t resist. i love all the well-designed details and handmade touches. even if your wedding/engagement days are far off or long gone, i love getting party inspiration from events like this. the mounds of flowers piled on a wooden table runner are so, so cool. (and how great is her fishtail braid? brings me right back to elementary school) click here to check out the full set of images on stacy’s site. thanks, stacy!

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Jessica Karle

Hi Grace! Thanks so much for posting our engagement party! Stacy did a fabulous job of documenting the day and capturing all of our hard work on the details & decor. The reclaimed barn siding table runners were our favorite detail as well :) Thanks again! – Jess

josie jeffries

i’ve had both the pleasure of knowing and working with stacy on photography projects here in indianapolis, but everytime i see her stuff, it just blows me away. thanks for featuring her!


So gorgeous! I’m loving the typewriter save the dates and vintage-y photos. Not to mention the wonderful pops of pink throughout.


wow, this party looks AMAZING and the photos are beautiful. Such a casual yet chic vibe, I’d love to go to a party like this!!


hazy, summery, beautiful! “+ VODKA” — probably my favorite part, haha.


I’d love to know what type of pen they used to write on those glass juice jars. I really want to do that on the storage jars in my pantry!


Love the soft vintage feel of the photos – they totally ooze romance.

I had to look up the recipe for that Porch Swing cocktail D*S introduced me to Hendrick’s and now I’m hooked!

Jessica Karle

@kristin: we wrote on the glass jugs with a wet-erase or “chalk pen” (which is also what we wrote on the chalkboard door with, noting the “save the date”). You can find some on a website like this –

or at your local craft store.


I am in love with the photos and the ambience of the whole event. So soft and pretty!


grace, looks great! i couldn’t believe it when this popped up: i went to school with tom and jess.

i absolutely love the images and the design. jess, it’s lovely and so “you”.


Lovely party! I love the drink dispensers with the names written on them. I was planning on doing a very similar thing at my wedding. The ones you have are perfect! And ideas where I can get similar dispensers?


Beautiful! These shots are amazing and the couple is gorgeous. I’m in love with the style and coloring of how these were shot. Great job!


I am planning my daughters 16th birthday party in a vintage theme (3 weeks to go), so it was great to get this post for some more inspiration.

Anna @ IHOD

Hi Grace,
So happy to see my friend’s work featured here! I was totally inspired to add some DIY details to my next event!
Thanks for sharing it!