debbie carlos

one of the things i’ve been most excited to see at etsy is the slow growth of the over-sized print/poster market. i love cute tiny prints and photos as much as the next person, but i really love when artists blow things up to larger scales, or at least offer prints and photos in sizes that allow them to really make a statement. debbie carlos is one of those artists, and i really love these large-scale prints she’s offering in her etsy shop ($175 each). the ghostly double images with the hands and sprouts are my favorite (they have such a soft airy feel), but i also love the large-scale bunny and flower posters below ($35). sometimes it’s nice to go big with a piece of artwork and really make a statement. for a few years i’ve been moving away from gallery walls and little groupings of artwork towards something bigger and bolder and these affordable prints and posters are a great way to make that change. if you’ve got photographs of your own you’d like to try this with, be sure to talk to your local photo shop or kinko’s- if you’ve got high res images they can often blow them up to these proportions and create something custom for you. but if you’re looking for something pre-made be sure to check out debbie’s shop right here. thanks, debbie!


Hi, I’m a new reader of Design Sponge. Is there an editorial policy against using capitalization? It’s really difficult to read the posts that do not use correct punctuation. Thanks. :)



that’s a habit of mine i’ve had since college. i’ve always written in all lowercase. it’s become, though not on purpose, a handy way to tell my writing apart from the other editors’. but no, no one else is asked to write that way ;)

the punctuation of the posts looks ok to me- capitalization should be the only difference in my posts. let me know if there is a different punctuation issue you’re referencing.



I’m lucky enough to have a couple of those hand pieces from Debbie, AND she let me use some of her work in CD packaging for my band a few years ago.

Lovely lady and talented photographer. Great to see her getting more attention!


That must be a really difficult habit to keep up with word processing programs always switching it to capital letters! No, that’s the only thing. Thanks for responding so quickly.



wordpress doesn’t actually switch things. i write my posts directly in wordpress so there are no auto-changes ;)


andrea a.

I love the scale of these! any suggestions for finding other large-scale works?


i recently ordered the bunny portrait print. i absolutely LOVE it. the image quality is gorgeous. i am going to frame it and hang it in my living room.


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I have the bunny as well (the small scale color version…which is just as cute!). Thanks for giving Debbie a shout-out!