clean slate living

yesterday when i was picking up some flowers, i ended up having a long conversation with the florist about how designers who are known for their love of bright color and pattern often have very clean, minimalist homes. he was really surprised (and disappointed), but i was trying to explain that it’s often the simplest of interiors that let you really relax and unwind when you spend your days surrounded by inspiration, color and pattern. i was reminded of that clean slate type of living when i saw this beautiful home built by susanne (and her family) in sweden. i’m not normally a white wall kind of girl, but i love the way that this home balances some darker colors (like the black kitchen and bold rugs) with clean, simple walls and furniture. it’s the kind of place that seems like it would let you completely relax and empty your mind, and then inspire you to start fresh again the next morning. although i’ll never give up my obsession with stripes and polka-dots, i could definitely see escaping to a home like this for a long weekend to escape from the pattern-overload. thanks, susanne!

erin / dfm

I once spoke w/ Margaret Russell about this very same thing — when surrounded by textures, patterns and colors, you often want to retreat to a home that’s void of… stuff. I’m going for the same thing in my renovation and am only hoping I can achieve a look this stunning (minimalism is much harder than it appears!!!). :)

Thanks for the inspiration, Grace!

sylvie of silver lining

i hear you, grace. as the accessories director at the gap, i’m constantly living and breathing a myriad of colors, prints and pattern. as a result, i’ve realized to really stand behind my most adored patterns {stripes, ikat, chevron, etc} and make that the star in our home.


So true! I have always favored soothing white or monochromatic interiors as a designer. So relaxing after working with color and pattern all the time!


Love this! The living room reminds me a little of that Jessica Helgerson interior you featured a while ago.


Such a breath of fresh air. After growing up in a house full of knick knacks, I’ve spent most of my adult life streamlining my space. It’s always a balancing act between the perfect amount of “spare” without tipping over into “cold” territory.


Super beautiful! I’ve noticed that while designers prefer minimalist homes, some colorful artists live in extra-colorful homes.


I love the first image especially – as a designer, I agree with the minimalist outlook! I love the houses with color, however. A splash of color does the trick if you want to liven up your space.


Where are their books? This place, whilst I can see it would be relaxing for a couple of days and I adore white walls doesn’t look very real to me.


This home will serve as inspiration for all future rooms I decorate for myself. Absolutely stunning.

Susan Brinson

this space is super nice. i love it.

i struggle with how much color and pattern to include with every home purchase i make. i love pattern, but often want something so paired back that it gives you room to think, and be creative.

you have to have mental space to fill in the blank, and this is the ‘blank’ space in most positive way.


I love lamp.

Ha ha…but seriously, I do love those hanging lamps. Does anyone have a resource for something like that?


I think those who don’t go into minimalist spaces much think that everything is sterile, however, I’ve noticed that the most inviting minimalist spaces tend to have an abundance of textures.


it’s the same in other professions too. my husband’s a record producer and after listening to music all day, he prefers quiet at home.

gayle australia

i agree with your florist’s disappointment. if you have a “designers’ eye” maybe you begin to see objects, including flowers, in photoshoot mode but i think the most creative moments come with a little (unplanned) chaos – as in daily life. accidental relationships between colours and forms dont always work but when they do they are real discoveries so i think so much more valuable for their inability to be managed or arranged.

gayle australia

sorry – i also want to say when you live in an authentic environment you forget how detailed or quirky it is – its just you – and home.


Beautiful home, so clean and simple. And I love this sofa on the terrace, perfect plce for some summer relax.

Kimmi S

Love this home… Northern light makes it all the more the fact that there’s nothing on the walls; it makes their mass and verticality almost disappear. Delightful, sexy and inviting. I could easily curl up with design sponge or some magz and a nice glass of vino tinto.