central park wedding invites + patchwork chairs

i love the way wedding invites get the chance to tell a story through stationery. this invitation set was designed by erin jang at the indigo bunting for couple nina + ross. nina and ross met while working for a magazine and decided to have a classic nyc wedding in central park. i love the way that erin incorporated an editorial feel (the groom is an editor at esquire) to the invitations, with little pull-quotes about love (i love the annie hall choice), a pull-out map with favorite spots listed, and adorable illustrations of the park itself. you can see more images of the set here on flickr, or check out erin’s site right here. thanks, erin!

in other colorful news, i’m loving these patchwork chairs from kelly swallow in the UK. i haven’t worn patchwork since college (even then it was a bad idea, my w&m college id was a bad patchwork nightmare) but i’ve always had a soft spot for it in furniture. i typically like patches in furniture to be used sparsely, in sort of an elbow-pad-on-your-tweed-jacket way, but this celebration of patchwork looks like a great cozy place to settle in with a summer book. click here for more info to and contact kelly about purchasing.


so great! the wedding invites are so cute; the green is such a good color especially with the stripes.

The Postage Service

How lovely! Great Annie Hall quote. Wondering what stamps they used to mail these out? I would think the 10 cent Kentucky statehood for it’s bright green color, then some black and white NYC ones, finished with a little splash of red to pick up on that cake!


Those are absolutely beautiful! We are slowly, very, very slowly, remodeling an old, very uncared-for farmhouse. We’re not keeping any of our furniture, and have decided instead to focus on the unusual and unique. These chairs are just awesome. Great thing is I can sew and make a lot of things. (right now it’s mostly goats milk soap to sell), but my sewing machine is broke and I don’t know how to fix it! Oh, I want to make curtains so bad! Love design sponge!


Oh, Erin’s work is so lovely! I used to work with her sister, so I’ve been enjoying following her work for years. Gorgeous, inventive stuff.

Jenna Sais Quois

Those wedding invitations are fantastic. The use of green is quite apropos when your wedding is in central park in the Summer!


I LOVE the chairs!! I designed a toy box with a patchwork look/feel to it and funny enough, it appeals more to European customers than the US. It’s so nice to see a similar thing being done in other areas of furniture design. Kinda makes me feel like I wasn’t completely off-base with mine.

claire teschel

what a lovely wedding invitation bundle! the green pops right off the page, and the concepts are very very cool:)


Awesome invite! Really love it!! The designers should be proud. Looks fantastic.


How can anyone not love those chairs! They are in need of a bookworm with a cuppa… me? L x