before & after: lauren & nick’s chair + jennie’s chandelier

sometimes there’s nothing quite like a good makeunder: taking something that has been decorated, painted, or bulked up somehow and stripping it down to a simpler, purer state.  this chair, the brainchild of lauren and nick of second coat design in boston, is a perfect example of this theory in action; i never would have thought such an airy, modern chair could be found under all of those layers of paint! they found the lovely embroidered fabric from the etsy seller kainkain, who was kind enough to make them a custom piece for the project. i just can’t get over what a lovely transformation this is! it definitely inspires me to bring some old furniture back to basics. great work, lauren and nick! -kate

*stay tuned for a new column today at 12, before & after basics, where we’ll learn how to strip furniture like this!

CLICK HERE for jennie’s amazing chandelier (i love the bulb change-out!) after the jump!

chandeliers will never go out of style for me: they make such an amazing statement in a room, and there are so many way to make dusty old chandeliers new and exciting again. jennie’s simple paint job on this classicly shaped chandelier is certainly proof of the light fixture’s versatility. i love the how the bright red color pops in a room full of subdued cooler hues, and the style of the piece is totally transformed by the color and the exposed round bulbs. great choices all around! good work, jennie!


I just wanted to say I LOVE the before and afters. So inspiring!


love that red chandelier! the change is wonderful :) p/s. i need a shoebox like that too.

Charlotte Zacker

I have four farm chairs with broken caning..the chairs here are inspiring!


That chandelier is SOOO MUCH BETTER! And the chair is fricking lovely too!


So glad you chose to leave the chair natural (unpainted)- it looks fantastic!


I would not have believed that you could do anything with that chandelier to make it worth saving. Amazing!!!


wow that chandelier is a huge improvement – not sure I would have ever thought of doing that, great inspiration


I love the chandelier! Does any one have a source for those oversized bulbs?


I love the chair. So simple and beautiful. Most likely I would end up with the “before” in my house hoping for it to someday sand itself. Never actually reaching the “after”.


Do you think my husband would care if I did that to my chandelier….that is AMAZING!!! Just in case….is there a source for those modern/retro/perfect bulbs?


Jennie you have the vision because child, that chandelier was ugly! What a lovely result.
The chair makeunder is so lovely and clean – good work all of you.


Although the After Chair is very nice, overall the finish on any antique should not be changed. It is the revealed layers of old paint that are the value (and the charm).


Love both of these. The chandelier re-do took a lot of imagination. I would have just tossed it. Inspiring!


I love love love the chandelier! the chair is very loveable too. And I agree, chandeliers will never go out of style.


oh my goodness, what a vision you had to change that otherwise forgettable light fixture into something so Hollywood Regency!!

By the way, Home Depot sells the globe bulbs, and the silver tipped ones as well. Pretty inexpensive.


How incredible is that chandelier? Talk about taking something generic and making it incredibly industrial and super neato! I want to copy this project! Too Awesome!


Wow, I see those stupid chandeliers all over my local Craigslist but with that makeover, it looks cool!


You guys have some great DIY examples here! I love the look of a lot of the pieces you feature. Do you ever share how much the project cost? I love DIY for the money-saving aspect so I’d be interested to know.


Oh my, that chandy is awesome-ness. I would never have thought of it, and that is the beauty of these before and afters! Thanks so much for sharing!


Super! I think that spray paint is pretty much my favorite tool in my tool box. I too have a red chandelier in my house that was recovered from the ‘traditional’ decorating of the previous owners.


LOVE the chandelier!!! great color choice. what paint was used?


SOOOO glad the chair did not undergo the spray paint treatment! Love it on the chandelier though!


That chandelier re-do was just plain brilliant! LOVE it!


I have been so into red lately, love this chandelier makeover, simply and brilliant. The basic shape shines through with the read!!!


So, it’s been said before, but that chandelier is incredible! I would not believe that mass-produced, generic, crappy before could be such an original and stunning after! So inspired to rethink ugly and generic things now!


Seriously… need the source of those light bulbs! They are amazing… even just the size will do. You totally need a post on light bulb varieties! Who needs lamp shades with bulbs as beautiful as those! Awesome job on all the afters!


My house that I bought has that same horrid chandelier! Now I know what to do with it, thank you so much.

d*s fan

I would appreciate a source for those bulbs too! Great work!

Jennie Slade

Thanks for the comments!! You can find the light bulbs at Home Depot, Lowes, Target, pretty much any where. They are just a large round decorative bulb, usually used in bathrooms with the track lighting. The ones I purchased are GE. Hope that helps!