before & after: holly’s chair + emma’s patio table set

i have seen a few upholstery projects recently that i really love, and this one form holly in charlotte, nc is no exception. she found the grain sack at a flea market, and waited patiently for the right chair to use it on; when she saw this at a designer tag sale she knew she’d found the right match. while this chair shape is definitely one we’ve seen before, her clever combination of striped ralph lauren fabric and the pattern of an old grain sack adds a twist and creates a beautiful and fresh new piece of furniture. this chair is actually available for sale on holly’s etsy shop, and you can click HERE to see more of her flea market finds. great work, holly! -kate

CLICK HERE to see emma’s patio table set after the jump!

i usually shy away from any makeover project with rust removal involved, so i am very impressed by emma’s patio table and chair makeover. with some help from her dad on repairs, emma and her partner undertook serious sandblasting, powder coating, painting and more. the results are really beautiful, and following emma’s lead, i find myself inspired to tackle some of the rusty projects sitting in the back shed. click HERE to read more about the project and the materials involved. thanks for sharing, emma!


That chair is super fabulous! I think it’s the best use of a grain sack in upholstery I’ve seen yet. Well done!

K a y

OMG, I literally shrieked out loud, at the sight of this chair! Love me some grain sacks, some RL and anything blue ticking stripe! I now have remorse for having broken up with my upholsterer boyfriend. Thanks for this post! It ruled!


How cool! Holly’s store is within walking distance of my office. I’ll definitely go by to see it.


I don’t think I could ever have looked at that patio set and envisioned such a gorgeous transformation…I absolutely love it.

Lindsay Jewell

I love them both – especially that chair. I’m not sure what it is about grain sacks that I find so intriguing, but I really like the look.


that patio set definitely looked better before… i liked it more rustic!


oh my that chair is gorgeous and fun! I would love to reupholster something. Maybe I’ll get to work on my office chair. Its been passed down a few too many times, but I can’t bear to part with things that are still usable!


I have tackled some big projects with wood furniture, both refinishing and rebuilding. I have done some rust removal, but this is by far one of the best rust removal jobs I have seen. Good job!


I agree lb – I actually liked the rusty, old version of the patio set. Character!

I like the before version of the chair better too, I think.


What a nice destiny for a grain sack that travelled half around the world! I grew up only some kilometers away from “Langenorla” in the middle of Germany.

Peter Sadler Removals

One mans trash is another mans treasure, great work in rejuvenating the life back into some tired pieces of furniture. Definately gives me some ideas for some future projects.