before & after: bright designlab’s upcycled furniture

our last b&a today comes from alissa and leela at portland based bright designlab, and i’m really glad they decided to send these upcycled designs our way. working together with professional re-modelers at hammer & hand, bright designlab creates upcycled furniture out of found industrial carbon and steel, disassembled barns, vintage locker baskets and old school bleachers. i love the unusual nature of these pieces, and the personality that all of the found materials bring to each piece. portland, oregon is known as a hub for green design, so it’s no surprise these pieces make great use of items otherwise destined for landfills. i can’t wait to see what else will come from this great collaboration. thanks ladies!

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Amazing. I love love love upcycled products. Makes me feel all sunny inside and these are great!


these are so awesome! and love that they are upcycled. so much character!


really love the coffee table. What a great design. I love the shape of the table!


Does anyone know how they do that to the wood? What is the process? Is any of this DIY?


This is what I’m talking about! Thanks for letting us know about this great team of designers!


Way to represent P-town, Leela + Alissa!!! Nice work!

agnes szucs

i always like furniture made of reclaimed materials… they look so genuine… not to mention the good deed to the environment.


I really love these! Portland is the bomb. I am not being bias because I was born there. :)


What a stunning use of materials. Such unconventional designs look amazing and such a simple concept. Especially love the display unit in the last picture.


omg! i cannot believe what you did in here! those furnitures areee soo amazing! i would love to have some in my place!!!! thumbs up!!!!!!!

bright designlab

thanks for all of the love and support! we appreciate it. please check back with us, as there is much more to come soon! (sign up for our blog!)

alissa +leela

RTA Cabinets

I’m going to use the term “upcycling” from now on. Seriously, a lot more people should be doing this recycling thing, a whole lot more.

Relic Interiors

We’re loving upcycling and reclaiming beautiful pieces of furniture, that’s what its all about these days, its the way forward. Some of the nicest furniture around! No more flat pack I say!