before & after: andrea’s elegant bathroom makeover

looking at this before picture, i have to be honest and say what i’m thinking, which is, “this is when i run out of the house and never return”. i am endlessly amazed by the many of you out there who tackle large home renovations, and i want to say right now how much i admire you. it’s possible the reason i am squeamish at the thought is that i have a vivid memory of my parents redoing their kitchen, and my father nearly lost his mind trying to choose the faucet. it’s like choosing a toothbrush from the millions of nearly identical options out there, except the toothbrush costs hundreds of dollars. so again, i want to say that i am immeasurably impressed by this before & after project from andrea.

andrea and her husband nathan live just outside of atlanta, georgia in a 1967 ranch style house. it is their first home together, and the renovations of the entire house (!) took about five months…wow. looking at this elegant, gorgeous bathroom, it is clear that andrea and her husband had a million decisions to make and it seems to me that they chose wisely on all of them. i love all the details, including the chandelier over the tub and the silhouette of their dog, walt on the vanity table. what makes this even more impressive is that some of the fixtures were found at flea markets and ebay for great deals. i will definitely be looking to this for inspiration if i ever (yikes) have to renovate a room of my own. thanks so much for sharing, andrea. great job!! -kate

CLICK HERE for more photos of andrea’s bathroom renovations after the jump!


Kate, you are the absolute best. Thank you so much for such sweet praise! Nate and I are both smiling our faces off. :)


That is lovely. What a beautiful bathroom. Looks like it belongs in a lavish hotel.


This is stunning! It is beautifully dramatic and the pattern on the tiles is lovely. I love the before and after wow-factor!

Pam @ DIY Design Fanatic

The bathroom is absolutely gorgeous!!!
And, what do I think when I walk into a room that is down to the studs? I’m one of those sick people who think it is awesome and think about all the possibilities!
Congrats to Andrea for doing an excellent job!!!


I am in the process of renovating my bathroom and am absolutely in love with your results!! Would you mind sharing where you found your sink /vanity??


Love it! My husband and I did some (less intense) remodeling of our own bathroom when we bought our house last year, and we went with black and white as well, it makes the room seem so crisp and clean. :-)


Beautiful renovation! I’ve been looking for a faucet exactly like this-is that a 6″ spread?. Do you mind sharing what brand it is? Thanks for the lovely post.


this is gorgeous. i’m so in love with that wallpaper and those skeleton-keyish hooks on the back of the door. lovely!


Nice Job! But you should replace the PVC P-trap under the sink!!!!


i am renovating my bathroom at this very moment and going with black and white as well. i love your wallpaper – could you tell me where you got it?


Looks AMAZING! One suggestion – paint the register black so it blends in with the tub.

Design Sponge

I have a major weakness for anything black and white… this room is absolutely stunning. I especially love the height of the faucet; who would’ve thought something so small could make such a noticeable difference?!


I am about to embark on a bathroom reno myself — and have been trying to find the right rectangular tub. I love the one you chose! Can you tell us who makes it and how you found it?


i would love to know where you got the key-style hooks on the door! thanks!! :)


I worked at Paco’s, I know the older man…he ate there all the time!!! smalllll world….google reader is amazing that way….


@Andrea – can you tell me where you got the letters? I love me some toilet tank decor!


I love the bathroom, but if the chandelier is directly above the bathtub (I’m not sure if that’s the case), it would be very much against the building code.


It is beautiful. The only thing I would have done differently, nixed the white PVC drain pipe for the sink. They do sell attractive ones for exposed installations.


I love it!!! It’s the perfect mix of vintage & modern detailing. I’m definitely bookmarking this for future reference.


One more thing – Does Andrea have a blog? And where are those gorgeous black letters from???

Laura K. Aiken

Kate-who could go wrong with black and white? Between the wallpaper, tile and other updates, I can’t decide which I like best!!

Paul Davidson

I have never seen wainscoting look this good. Bravo!


I love it! It’s especially amazing considering its previous condition! I love love love black and white.


I have that same paper. I found it in “Ink” by Brewster Home Fashions. It’s fabulous!


What material did you use for the bead board panel? I’m about to start a bath reno and want to do wainscoating. My contractor mentioned a product made of plastic that’s good for bathrooms. I wondered if it would look cheap.


I LOVE your beadboard paneling and the gorgeous pattern on the walls above it! BEAUTIFUL!


Love the styling, however two things that jump out: the plumbing under the sink is too visible and the air diffuser on the side of the tub could have been disguised or should not have been there at all! Other than that, looks great :)

amy Williams

What a beautiful transformation! I have been looking for a sink just like that. Everything looks gorgeous! Awesome job!


Any possiblity that the faucet is a Kingston Brass Vintage Oil-Rubbed Bronze 2-Handle High-Arc Wall which can be found at Lowe’s? Any help would be appreciated.